Friday, May 7, 2010

Fourth Craiglist Killer Caught

He was home the whole time.
He "played Uno, Yahzee and watched TV" while the police and an angry, haunted community they were looking for him.

Clabon T. Berniard was A Hurricane Katrina survivor who was once hailed  a hero by local police and our community for saving two women from an house fire.
He also has a rap sheet that includes 21 arrests and a triple murder in a drug deal.
And what you see on a rap sheet often only barely scratches the surface.

He was not a good guy.
Even though he may have done good things in his life, like saving lives....
imho the bad, the taking of lives takes precedent.
Now, thankfully, he is in police custody. And the link that follows does a good job telling the story.

I have this theory that we are all a whole lot better than our last bad act.
All theories have exceptions.
Clabon T. Berniard would be such an exception.
I think at the very least, they should lock this dude up for good and truly destroy the keys.
I will not put in print what I think would be the very best thing to do with him.

First must come the indictments, defense attorneys, the discovery, interviews, the lies, and the placing of blame.
Bottom line: four young people who thought it cool to be thugs, engaged in a heinous act that rapidly descended into hell.
May they, the accused, never rest in peace.

4th Craigslist Home Invader Caught! Go here to get to story!

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