Sunday, May 2, 2010

Death By Eel

Let me apologize in advance for posting this story on a Sunday.
Feels almost ungodly to do so.
It's also distasteful, literally... and figuratively.

However, due to my dark sense of humor, I simply could not resist posting it here after it was shared with me by the most of reliable of sources.

None of us gets out of here alive, that is a fact.
From the moment we are born we are traveling the yellow brick road to the end.
Some people exit by choice, most odf us depart unwillingly, unknowingly, reluctantly, defiantly... until the end.

In this case, in the end, the eel did it.
Though I don't think the eel had any say in the matter.

Go Here: Death by Eel


  1. That's funny?

  2. i think it's outrageous not funny. especially not funny to the victim or his family. it is just one more reflection of how out of control people can be, especially when they drink. i knew i would offend someone. i hoped to alarm more people, those who drink to the point of blacking out, being harmed or killed by others.