Friday, February 18, 2011

For Carly Henley

The following song is dedicated to beautiful  Carly Henley, a University of Washington student, who took her own life and took a piece of this community's heart with her.
She didn't chose the bridge. So at first her death appeared suspicious. It was indeed a suicide.
And I think until after the fact, no one had a clue of her inner  anguish and turmoil.
In fact, I don't know if any one could have stopped her unless she verbalized her intent.
Yet a whole lot people feel her pain and loss now.... and will never be same because of the unknowing. And Carly's undoing.
If you want to know more about Carly, go here.


  1. I don't even know for sure that Carly Henley had significant "inner anguish and turmoil". She had recently been prescribed Zoloft, an anti-depressant, which comes with the "Black Box Warning" that it "... may cause suicidality in persons under age 25".

    I love recognizing how completely beautiful her life looked from the outside. She got to know sensations that not everybody will ever get to feel, and I can't help but to be so happy to observe as much online.

    I also adore that Carly Henley never seemed to hurt a soul, and that nobody could ever utter a bad word about her.

    I THINK we're supposed to learn a lesson about anti-depressants, and I hope that when the world loses a Carly Henley to them, people will notice enough to gain understanding.

    Carly's outer beauty was breathtaking, but her inner beauty was immeasurable!!! (and the rare combination of BOTH made for 20 years of pure bliss)

  2. yes, you are so right. Anti-depressants can and do trigger suicide. And young people have much to be depressed and concerned about giving the state of the planet. The fact that Carly took an anti-depressant indicates to me and intent to better her life vs. intent to end her life. One drug recently killed a friend of mine. It said on the package, "may cause death" and it did. Carly Henley was such a beautiful young woman, inside and out. I think you are right... perhaps the lesson here is the potential toll the Zoloft and other anti-depressants can take. Thank you for opening your heart and my mind.

  3. I returned here and re-read my own "Anonymous" comment there...

    and was slightly startled at how I seemed to show personal familiarity with Carly's life (I had no such thing).

    I wish I'd emphasized "I don't even know..."

    I do understand and even accept that anti-depressants exact a random and 'final' toll on some small percentage of under 25's who take them.

    Logically I am OK with that but sentimentally I am so hurt while at the same time I try to assess just what a giant the world lost in Carly Henley.

    I'm sure there is a 'trick' involved where it concerns reconciling the "suicidal tendencies" warned by anti-depressant drugs and the seemingly immediate motivations which cause those victims to take their own lives.

    (obviously the offered reason is never: "... because I am taking powerful medications, and because a certain small percentage of us don't make it")

    There are just so many 'tricks' involved in wanting to understand, about Carly D. Henley. Among them is the question of whether we want to care more because she was someone so attractive who had life experiences most of us would envy. If we conclude as much, then we have to decide whether that is wrong somehow.

    I don't know... I just hope that somewhere, people can be inspired to take greater initiative whenever having the chance (directly, or by accident) to engage the mind of someone who may not be doing so well inside.

    I cannot fault a soul for encountering the likes of Carly and failing to perceive anything at all that could have foretold of Carly's intentions.

    Yet it almost seems like mockery of the phrase to bother to mention Carly Henley in conjunction with the oft-repeated-in-connection-with-suicide line: "... she had everything going for her".

    The more I understand about Carly Henley, the more I think that phrase need now be recalibrated to a much higher standard.

    I'm glad that you were inspired to express yourself on the topic of Carly's passing.

  4. in return a thank you for being inspired to post a reply. many people kill themsleves shortly after taking ani-depressants. its a fact. it ewas the only "new" element in her life really, she had alot to look forward to in life. one doctor told me ultimately his patients on zoloft become "zoloft zombies" and he has to take them off it.
    what she did was way out of her character. just after starting zoloft. seems a likely suspect.
    as for the phrase, she had everything going to her". hyou are so right. it could have been better said. perhaps started with... "from the outside looking in".
    tho i'm still not sure whether i'd change the second part. thanks for the time you took to comment and for opening my eyes.