Friday, February 25, 2011

Depression Is Depressing

A good investigator knows everyone wears masks.
Who we are in public is not who we are behind closed doors.
So the movie and rock stars the public is fascinated with, they are just people like us wearing masks when they face the world.
And behind each mask is a face, a head, a brain that works its own mojo.
Ultimately, the brain rules.
Hopefully the brain is healthy.
The mask is a facade the brain selects to make the ego feel safe when dealing with external environments and others.

I admit, this is a heavy subject that doesn't, at first glance, appear to have anything to do with investigation.
However, when you are a P.I., and you are allowed entry into the sacred sanctuary of a clients thoughts,
you realize how much depression must play into the drama and trauma we deal with daily.
Often, depression is the "why" behind suicide.
So I added a quote from Jim Carrey on my Facebook wall this morning.
Then I figured that quote, as powerful as it is...
is also a mask.
It is masking the fact that one of my favorite celebrities, someone I believe is a comedic genius, is also living in his own private hell.
And I don't think he will mind my sharing that here, because he has spoken openly about depression.
Every client I deal with has some level of depression or otherwise they wouldn't need a lawyer or PI.

It is depressing to have to fight for your rights when someone is doing you wrong.
It is depressing to try to find someone who is missing.
It is depressing to believe someone you know who was murdered... has "suicide" listed on the death certificate.
It's depressing when people think you are crazy or you feel like no one is listens, cares, understands, knows you exist.
Depression is one of the emotions most often associated with the victims.... and the accused... in the legal process.

Some of funniest people in the world on the outside....
are the saddest in the inside.
Here's  the link to Jim Carrey's story.
If you get just one thing from it, know....
you are not alone.
You just have to fight your way out of it.

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