Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aftermath Somali Pirate Murder

In 2010, Somali pirates took 1181 hostages.
How insane is that?
This link takes you to the story behind that count.

That number doesn't include the number of hostages being held around the world.
Hostage-taking is big business in third world countries, as is white slave trading and other kidnap/ransom crimes where people are commodities.
I use to dream of sailing around the world.
Now the concept seems more like a nightmare.
I use to travel to third world countries quite frequently for business or pleasure.
Now I avoid them.
Call me Dorothy, I'm just sayin'...there's no place like home.

I need to leave the blog for while and I want to leave something important behind.
That be would be this story... the drama turned trauma the world been focusing on all week.
I think this New York Times article takes this crime to the investigation level now.
The amazing part... is we are living the story as it unfolds.
Soon, we will be calling it  a "case."
Just go the following the link.

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