Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Those who CAN teach.


It's 6:17 now. I havejust a few minutes here.
I woke after a below average Memorial Day Weekend at 5:00 am and now race through the morning so I can beat the Memorial Day ferry traffic, investigate all day, then tonight...  teach Private Investigation investigation at a major University with two other people.
This our last class. The biggie, because we give the Test.
Actually I give the P.I. Licensing Test because I am licensed PI trainer for the State of Washington.

I have one other teacher join me when we give the test. She has represented a few serial killers and is known as one of the best criminal defense Investigators in the nation. And she is a far faster test grader than me,  much funnier too (if that's possible)... and together, we have a methodology, a quiet synchronicity  as we give our students, watch them take it, make them all leave the room, and quickly, solemnly  grade them, review them... and just about graduate them  P.I.'s by the time the days' end.

It is huge day for them after a full year of classes once a week at nights, after their  8 hr work days. They drive from all over the state, weary,  hungry, sick, wiped out...some too tired to talk, others dosing up on caffeine for three more hours.

This is what they do to make a career change. This is what our students, who I honor now with this blog, are doing to become better  people, providers, P.I's. They will graduate are moral  ethical, well studied, professional PI's from the ages of 20 through their 80's this year... who will follow the law, protect their client and their client's attorney's from crossing legal boundaries they may not be aware of.

Like the Marines, I tell them, "some of you will make it as full time PI's. Some of you will not."
The telling is in the time and testing of your soul and spirit...  lessons to learn, an an ability to rebound, to  overcome the terror that often hits a PI newbie.
It is a big day for me too.

But first, stop a place called Convington Washignton. DUI.
Second stop a place called Maple Valley. Pedestrian Hit.
Third stop a place called Bell Town.  Another DUI.
Fourth stop the University's campus and class.
Fifth stop home.
Leave at 5:00 am return at midnight.
Welcome to a PI's world.

Monday, May 28, 2012


The blog is back.  I'm getting emails, messages and most important... rumblings inside that are stirring me to open  this door again.
 There's way to much to much to be said about the good, bad and ugly state of ourselves, our relationships with others and this planet.
Bookmark this page, come back.
Watch it grow and expand to a website.
It will be a place where people who fight for justice and people who seek it can co mingle, email, get questions answered.
Meantime, I open with a song to honor this day and our fallen and still standing heroes.

Tribute On Memorial Day 2012