Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sonia Rios - Black Widow Gets Squished

She was called the "Black Widow of Lomito."
Sonia Rios married two military husbands.
Her second husband, Larry Risken was shot, execution-style, when they were estranged and she convinced him to go to the Philippines pre-divorce, without her.
Her first husband, Earl Bourdeau was also killed in the Philippines.
The P.I. on the case is convinced her family was involved in that murder and paid the police $1,000 to make it go away .
Earl and Sonia were going through a rough patch.
She told  Earl to go to the Philippines to take care of business.
Earl told his brother he didn't want to go.
She convinced Earl.... and he was executed in his bed while she slept comfortably in hers in the states.

Then, as karma has a way of working....
after a failed first attempt, a gunman came into her salon and missed her.
The second attempt, a shot to the head, was successful.
Sonia Rios herself was killed.

Here's a link to the storyline.
Dateline is covering it this week....
This article, one year old, appears to be a transcript of the actual show.
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