Friday, August 13, 2010

Introducing My First Investigator Guest Blogger: Rick B. Gurley

After a way too long hiatus from this blog, I decided to post a blog written by another investigator, Rick Gurley. Rick is, as he put it "miffed" by an outrage in the criminal justice system.
Once I read his post, just as he predicted, I too was miffed.
So Rick graciously allowed to me lift his story and post it here.
Remember, some Private Investigators  generalize, handle all kinds of cases.
Some do Criminal Defense Investigation and represent the accused.
Others like me, focus primarily on civil cases representing victims, or Plaintiffs.
I think what all good, legitimate, licensed investigators have in common is the truth. Nothing but.
I also believe Rick speaks that. You can hear hear the outrage loud and clear in his writing.

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