Monday, November 19, 2012

Marijwhatnow? Seattle Police Department's Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle

On December 6, marijuana will be legal for recreational use in Washington State.
 Colorado's already got a system in place. Washington's still figuring it out.
The Seattle Police decided to take the initiative and published  this informative and uniquely creative guide to help navigate the unknowns.
When you read the blotter, be sure to check out the You Tube that's on it.
It's quite a funny variation on the Hobbit, courtesy of SPD.
Click here:
Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use In Seattle

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Killer Pain Killers - Oxy v. Car Accidents

I added a status quote about this  subject to my Facebook page just now because I've done car accident injury and death investigations a long time and I've never witnessed, or believed a statistic like this...
More Americans are dying now more from painkillers, than automobile accidents.
Across the board, it appears Oxy... OxyContin is the main culprit.
Vicodin, Percoset, and Oxycontin are tripling the hit in Michigan.

There's currently a nationwide shortage of the Oxy medications to legitimate doctors and medical institutions from Florida, to Pittsburgh and Washington.
Florida, Pittsburgh, Washington State, all over.
One reason is a huge rash of pharmacies robberies that started a couple years back.
Here's a link to a message board that discusses the shortage.
And if you are hooked, stroll down, there are resources you can turn to.

So now, people physically dependent on Oxy....
who are cut off from their doctors and too broke for the high price of the pills on the street...
 are choosing other avenues.
Including meth and heroin.
Meth is easy to buy and make.
Heroin is relatively easy to get.
Which is likely the primary reason why heroin addiction is also running more rampant in America than every before in history.

Dealers are now selling Oxy for $40-80 a pill on the streets.
And at that price, there are no guarantees on purity, potency or if the pill contains any Oxy at all. Maybe just baby powder, poison or any number of Oxy look-a-likes.

As for the legitimate doctors... the GP's... PCP's...
It's getting so bad out there, that some  doctors are known to hire a trusted P.I to  find out if a patient...
who is allegedly in chronic pain and the doctor now suspects is  "doctor shopping" or dealing is indeed doing so.
Because a Doctor can lose his or her license for prescribing the wrong drugs or over-prescribing.
Doctors need to protect themselves from a federal government all to eager to prosecute.

So when a suspected addict or dealer, leaves an medical building and no longer shows any physical symptoms ( a limp, slow gate, difficulty getting in and out of car), or goes straight to the street to sell the stuff... a PI could let the Doctor know so the Doctor can assess the threat level.
Legitimate medical professionals need to be protected from this Oxy epidemic every bit as much as the individuals who still depend on these meds, long after their prescriptions have run out.

Not only are prescription pain and allegedly tranquilizing meds killing the users...
these meds cause the users who are not using them for pain in the prescribed manner....
to harm others.
When you are in serious pain, and you take powerful pain med, the meds kills the pain and imho, bring you to a slightly spaced out, sedated normal.
When you are not in physical pain, the prescription pain meds just make you high, if not higher than, a kite.
They also make you dependent... because  the high becomes a monster that grows into  addiction...
that must be fed exponentially higher quantities to survive.
Drug addiction kills relationships and people.
Now... even more than car accidents do.

I would remiss to close this blog without a resource to turn to.
Benzos are incredibly difficult to withdraw from...
so as are painkillers like Oxy.
Since it's no longer considered an outrage to be addicted to medications doctor's prescribe...
people who seek help get respect and are applauded when they brake the chain of addictions.
Please do not get behind the wheel when you are high.
Please do not mix meds.
Do not drink and take meds.
Do not take energy drinks and meds.
Or energy drinks and alcohol.
An altered state is not worth a permanently dead state.
If you need help, don't go to one of those pain management clinics, like the ones in FLA, which are drug dealers in white coats.
Get off the stuff....
and watch the light return to your life.
Here's a link where you, or someone you may know can start... to stop.

Friday, November 16, 2012

"All I want to say is...

..they don't really care about us."

That's how Michael Jackson's song goes and how the inmates at the CPDRC maximum security prison in Cebu Phillipines interpreted it.
The video that follows, was first uploaded to You-Tube by "a" David Beckham.
I don't know if it is "the" David Beckham...
though the slick production and the wardrobe make me think he, or his wife Victoria Beckham, may have had a hand in this.
I've seen several Flash Mob videos out of this prison.
This is, imho, the best, the most well-constructed.... so far.

For those who don't know what a Flash Mob is, here's a a wiki link (not leak).

Seattle has Flash Mobs all the time.
I find them highly entertaining and fascinating.
Usually the folks around a Flash Mob aren't aware of what's happening.
Sometimes people break into random songs...
Other times,
In Seattle we have had Wedding Proposal Flash Mobs...
and Zombie Flash Mobs.
Not so spontaneous creative combustion... though it appears that way.
In a prison, this can't be the case.
The warden and staff have to a part of it for obvious reasons.
And of course, the inmates have nothing but time on their hands to pull it off.

Still, I think this video is powerful and productive on many levels
I know there are Americans in CPDRC.
(Look and you will spot them).
I know many of the people in there are there for drug charges.
Or theft, because those too poor to feed their families will steal.
Some are political enemies.
Others, most certainly, are vicious criminals.
Still, ALL are human beings.
All have a  heart and soul.
All have something to say.
And they choose to say it this way.
I think it's impressive that despite the factions and demographic differences inherent in the prison population, there is unity for these Flash Mobs.
And despite what the inmates claim, there are people who do care about them...
or this You Tube  would not exist.
And you would not have found your way to it.
I hope you enjoy, or at least, appreciate it.
It certainly is different.

To get past the ads on the smaller blog video, double click on the image and it will go full screen.
Or click on the lower right and watch on You Tube.

Maximum Security Prison Flash Mob 2010 -to Michael Jackson

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Man run over by wife for not voting against Obama may be disfigured."

This link was sent to me by a friend who is openly NOT an Obama fan.
I do believe he is still reeling from the election as are many people.
According to the story, from ABC15, a man was permanently disfigured because his wife decided to punish him for not agreeing with her political point of view.
How thoughtful. Attack him with a 3,000 pound missile called  a car?
It doesn't take a brain surgeon to see this country... the Unites States... is not particularly united at the moment.
I am seeing posts all over Facebook, from various people in various states circulating petitions to succeeded from the nation.
Impeach the president.
Personally, I think some people have all gone a bit overboard on this election call.Especially this woman.
Gilbert man run over by wife for not voting against Obama may be disfigured - East Valley Tribune: Cop Shop:
And here's a word of advice for those of you involved in  relationship.
It is not necessary for the person you live with, love, a family member or a friend to have the same political and religious beliefs as you do.
It is ill advised to run your husband over just because he's voting differently than you.
Definitely a  marriage deal breaker ...
and guaranteed free room and board at your local jail/prison.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

FACEBOOK BREAK UP: How Facebook Has Been Messing Up Relationships

"It's Complicated"

It's no secret to any of us.
Relationships, of all kinds, are complicated.
Parent, child, siblings, grandparents, friends, co-workers,  neighbors, partners, lovers, spouses.
Sooner or later two heads butt together....
and how each party in the conflict deals with that conflict determines its outcome.
Relationships end or stay together based on each party's willingness, determination and effort to see past the differences and find common ground.
Resolving difference is as simple as accepting those differences with grace, and dignity. No judgment. No condescension. Just respect.

There's a saying the civil justice system.
"In the perfect settlement, no one's happy"
I think that's so true.
No one wants to compromise, really.
People generally want what they want, period.
And if they fall short, their tempers can get short...
and that can shorten the life of a healthy relationship.

Facebook has added a whole new dynamic to relationships today.
While a generation of people are growing up with Facebook,
there's a generation of us that have not.
I am or was one of the have nots.
Meaning, in this context, I have not grown up with Facebook.

I like it, it's interesting and makes following or studying people a whole lot easier.
It's no secret I use Facebook  in my business... and to build my business network.
The social part is a fringe benefit.

As an observer of human nature and behavior, I find it fascinating to see how people all over the world act in a public arena...
when giving a wall, a blank canvas....
to create an image of themselves on.
The images people  choose to reflect to others, of themselves, sometimes astounds me.
Yet as much as I enjoy lurking on Facebook....
and posting....
I know the dangers inherent in this medium.

I know everything that anyone writes on every wall...
every word...
every image...
every f bomb and hissy fit...
is discoverable.
Meaning  if you have an insurance claim, or a legal action.... anything on your  Facebook wall, Twitter Account, Linked in, etc....  can and will be used against you in a court of law.

And if you have a spouse, partner, girlfriend or friend who is lying to you, toying with you, or cheating on you...
chances are good you may find out on Facebook before they even tell you.

I truly believe the most serious things in life are often said in jest.
Humor is subjective, of course.... however, it is undeniably  truthful and telling.
So I thought the above You-Tube was perfect in getting across how Facebook is affecting relationships.
Hats off to the folks who made this.
It's not super slick, very raw. However,  it's very creative.
And I think it's a hoot.... with this powerful underlying message:

People with nothing to hide, hide nothing.
And these days, it's hard to hide lies when you post on Facebook.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tabitha Lynn Franklin: "Looking For Tabby"

RE: Tabitha Lynn Franklin – Missing Since 08-13-09

What is known, is this:

On August 13, 2009, Tabitha Lynn Franklin, known as Tabby, was picked up at her friend’s house by her ex-boyfriend.
According to the ex, who is the most likely suspect, (in this writers, and countless others opinion) he dropped her off where he works and went off to run errands.
When he came back, she was gone.
She hasn’t been seen since.
And he claims he did nothing.
In fact he left town where he lives with another woman and her children.
The case is likely still open, thought it appears obvious, the police have stepped away from it pending further evidence.
I believe the ex did it.
I am not alone.
This is a man who has beaten her black and blue.
This is a man who previously threatened her life.
There are picture of the injuries and the alleged perpetrator on this Facebook page run by family members.

The last man to see Tabby, her ex, has issues with dominance and control.
I am not mentioning the bad guys name here.
He’s easy enough to see on the above Facebook page.
He claimed he picked her up, dropped her off at his house, came home and then... poof!
She was gone.
If he picked her up.. why would she want to be dropped at her ex’s house…
instead of her own, where her three children were waiting for her?
Why would she want to hang out at her ex’s house while he ran errands?
This makes zero sense to me.
And regardless,
He left town.
And left  a shattered world behind.
What was a picture of a  what we call a family, was left in shards...
and no one to pick up the pieces.
For some reason the media hasn’t picked up the case.
So I thought I'd relaunch the blog from this platform.
One behalf of Tabby.
Here’s a brief link to the case on The Charley project.

Please explore the case, come to your own conclusions.
If you believe as I do…
that this guy must be held accountable…
you can show your support and see what you can do by stopping by the family’s Facebook page.

The You Tube below features Tabby's children. 

Children Of Missing Mother -Tabitha Lynn Franklin - Sing Her A Lullabye

Monday, November 5, 2012