Friday, November 16, 2012

"All I want to say is...

..they don't really care about us."

That's how Michael Jackson's song goes and how the inmates at the CPDRC maximum security prison in Cebu Phillipines interpreted it.
The video that follows, was first uploaded to You-Tube by "a" David Beckham.
I don't know if it is "the" David Beckham...
though the slick production and the wardrobe make me think he, or his wife Victoria Beckham, may have had a hand in this.
I've seen several Flash Mob videos out of this prison.
This is, imho, the best, the most well-constructed.... so far.

For those who don't know what a Flash Mob is, here's a a wiki link (not leak).

Seattle has Flash Mobs all the time.
I find them highly entertaining and fascinating.
Usually the folks around a Flash Mob aren't aware of what's happening.
Sometimes people break into random songs...
Other times,
In Seattle we have had Wedding Proposal Flash Mobs...
and Zombie Flash Mobs.
Not so spontaneous creative combustion... though it appears that way.
In a prison, this can't be the case.
The warden and staff have to a part of it for obvious reasons.
And of course, the inmates have nothing but time on their hands to pull it off.

Still, I think this video is powerful and productive on many levels
I know there are Americans in CPDRC.
(Look and you will spot them).
I know many of the people in there are there for drug charges.
Or theft, because those too poor to feed their families will steal.
Some are political enemies.
Others, most certainly, are vicious criminals.
Still, ALL are human beings.
All have a  heart and soul.
All have something to say.
And they choose to say it this way.
I think it's impressive that despite the factions and demographic differences inherent in the prison population, there is unity for these Flash Mobs.
And despite what the inmates claim, there are people who do care about them...
or this You Tube  would not exist.
And you would not have found your way to it.
I hope you enjoy, or at least, appreciate it.
It certainly is different.

To get past the ads on the smaller blog video, double click on the image and it will go full screen.
Or click on the lower right and watch on You Tube.

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