Saturday, November 10, 2012

"It's Complicated"

It's no secret to any of us.
Relationships, of all kinds, are complicated.
Parent, child, siblings, grandparents, friends, co-workers,  neighbors, partners, lovers, spouses.
Sooner or later two heads butt together....
and how each party in the conflict deals with that conflict determines its outcome.
Relationships end or stay together based on each party's willingness, determination and effort to see past the differences and find common ground.
Resolving difference is as simple as accepting those differences with grace, and dignity. No judgment. No condescension. Just respect.

There's a saying the civil justice system.
"In the perfect settlement, no one's happy"
I think that's so true.
No one wants to compromise, really.
People generally want what they want, period.
And if they fall short, their tempers can get short...
and that can shorten the life of a healthy relationship.

Facebook has added a whole new dynamic to relationships today.
While a generation of people are growing up with Facebook,
there's a generation of us that have not.
I am or was one of the have nots.
Meaning, in this context, I have not grown up with Facebook.

I like it, it's interesting and makes following or studying people a whole lot easier.
It's no secret I use Facebook  in my business... and to build my business network.
The social part is a fringe benefit.

As an observer of human nature and behavior, I find it fascinating to see how people all over the world act in a public arena...
when giving a wall, a blank canvas....
to create an image of themselves on.
The images people  choose to reflect to others, of themselves, sometimes astounds me.
Yet as much as I enjoy lurking on Facebook....
and posting....
I know the dangers inherent in this medium.

I know everything that anyone writes on every wall...
every word...
every image...
every f bomb and hissy fit...
is discoverable.
Meaning  if you have an insurance claim, or a legal action.... anything on your  Facebook wall, Twitter Account, Linked in, etc....  can and will be used against you in a court of law.

And if you have a spouse, partner, girlfriend or friend who is lying to you, toying with you, or cheating on you...
chances are good you may find out on Facebook before they even tell you.

I truly believe the most serious things in life are often said in jest.
Humor is subjective, of course.... however, it is undeniably  truthful and telling.
So I thought the above You-Tube was perfect in getting across how Facebook is affecting relationships.
Hats off to the folks who made this.
It's not super slick, very raw. However,  it's very creative.
And I think it's a hoot.... with this powerful underlying message:

People with nothing to hide, hide nothing.
And these days, it's hard to hide lies when you post on Facebook.

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