Friday, September 30, 2011

Susan Powell Case Update

In August, Josh Powell's own sister, Jennifer Graves, suspected him of murdering Susan Powell, her sister in law.
This is not to say sisters can't and aren't wrong in  the false allegation department
However, I believe this sister, Jennifer, speaks the truth.

This is a known fact.
In Utah, Josh Powell took his two young sons from their warm home to go camping in the middle of freezing desert winter night.
The boys then were ages 2 and 4.
Shortly during, after, or before... Susan Powell, Josh's wife, the boys mother, disappeared.
POOF! Susan Powell is gone. No one can find her.
Though the search teams in the Utah desert have picked up a trail, a scent, a glimmer of possibility of a find.

Josh claims she left him and the boys for another man.
Like we, the world, her family, her own sons would believe that based on the evidence.
Josh even alleged she came on to his own father.

Study Susan Powell. She would never, ever leave her sons.
I didn't believe Josh's lies for a heartbeat.
Good thing the cops didn't either.
Regardless,  after Susan Powell mysteriously disappeared...
(who according to her husband... abandoned everything she owned including her maternal instinct)
Josh Powell packed up his sons and moved to a town called Puyallup, Washington.... not too far from me... to live with his dad, Grampa, Steven Powell.

One major problem there.
Susan father in law, Steven Powell, is sex pervert, who especially like porno pictures of children and had quite an affinity for Josh's wife Susan... the subject of this blog post who has disappeared.
The way he harassed Susan was one reason she initially moved her  from Puyallup to Utah in the first place .... to get away from Josh's dear old demented dad.

On August 25, 2011,  after Susan's disappearance, Jennifer Graves, Josh's own sister, Susan's sister-in-law, spoke to the media and asked Josh's dad to stop "slandering Susan".,0,4879996.story

It seems Susan told her friends and family what was going down with her husband's dysfunctional family.
She also kept a journal of the nasty moves her father in law made around her.
People knew she was in a toxic situation.

Then, go figure... one icy, freezing, midnight, Josh takes his boys camping in the Utah desert.
They are 2 and 4 years old. Susan doesn't go. And Susan Powell  is never seen since.

Josh decides to take the two boys and  leave Utah rather than join the search for his wife. they went to live with his father, Steven Powell in Puyallup Washington.

So of course, the whole situation stinks bigtime and people are pretty freaked out both here and in Utah. Yet karma can really serve it back.

So Gramps, Steven Powell, was just busted, (amen) for his porn stash.
Here's the link to that story. He's still  in jail now.
I just checked.

But Susan  is still unfound.
And with Steven Powell, Grampa, now busted, behind bars here in Washington....
that left the boys living with a possible murderer. Their dad.

Yet there is a measure of good news in this sordid  story.
The tides are turning now.
The courts have awarded temporary custody of the boy's to Josh's parents.
The temporary part is not good news.
For now however, the boys are safely in the loving, arms of very good people.
All while, Susan Powell's devastated family and friends, and really big-hearted strangers are still searching for what may remain of her body which I believe was buried or burned in the Utah desert.

And Josh Powell's own sister has gone on recor again, this time, saying he should never be awarded custody.
Check that out here:

I drove by Steven and Josh Powell's home again on my way home from a case in that area yesterday.  It felt great to know the kids weren't there anymore... that Susan's parents won the custody battle...
and Josh's time is coming.

I pray the search parties, the police, dogs, someone... finds Susan's body.
I pray this doesn't become another Casey Anthony case and Josh Powell gets away with it.
Or worse, he gets those boys back.
The world is so full of injustice right now.
We  all could could use more really big score.... right about now.... for the good guys.
Especially Susan Powell and her family.
What follows is a You-Tube Update on the case.

Powell children will stay with Cox family for several weeks

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fire And Rain

It is odd to me how people hold onto toxic relationships and just won't let go until those relationships poison and destroy them.
It is odder still how people are in toxic relationships and don't know it.
Those toxic relationships implode or explode and go down in flames.
I've been in a few toxic relationships in my life.
I suspect we all have.... or still are mingling.... among the toxic.

There are people among us who are toxic, " emotional vampires"
They walk beside us and flatter us with their pseudo-appreciation of us when all they really want to do is feed off of us.
Drain us dry.
Take what we have and move on.
It is a sad truth, albeit it a real truth.
It is a truth that keeps people like P.I.'s, Police,  Therapists, legitimately and gainfully employed.

I am working cases involving users, liars, crooks, cheaters and thieves today...
so I think I will let the blog... and Adele's Song "Set Fire To the Rain'"  reflect  this P.I.'s mood d'jour.
Who hasn't felt like Adele has at one time or another?
I know I have.
And truth be told..
Setting fire to rain does bring with it... form of liberation.

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"The Incredible Case of The PI Moms"

When I first heard this reality show was going on the air, I will admit, I was slightly bummed.
I had been asked to do  a reality show or two before and declined....because they are not my "thing".
Then I heard about a new show allegedly airing on lifetime called "P.I. Moms"
 I felt the show would demeaned the P.I. business.

I feel this business is much serious, professional, and legal-minded than the P.I Moms and their big Boss, Chris Butler... who likened himself to Charlie with his Angels... presented.
I saw them on Dr Phil and a few other shows on their media rounds and somehow felt my business, the PI business...and the hard work it takes.... was somehow diminished by the cocky and cavalier attitude of Chris and his bevvy of beautiful PI Moms.

They made it seem so easy.
Yet some of the things they did didn't sound to me... legal.
I got lucky this weekend when National Public Radio devoted a full hour of "This American Life" to very subject of the PI Moms. I knew none of this information. And I got to listen it to all of it during my  long drive to my first case of that day.
I was determined, whenever I got to a space  and place permitting, I would post the the full radio broadcast/podcast here.
Sit back and relax. It takes an hour...
though i promise it will be  time well spent if the PI business interests you.
The story's incredible and TRUE!
Here's the link to radio prgrgram.

If you don;t have time to listen now, here's a link to a great article about the subject.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Listen to Michael Franti. Don't Give Up.

Surrender Is Not Sweet

I am late for my days cases and have a ferry to catch across what appear to be calm seas this morning.
Meantime, I am leaving the above video in my wake in the hopes that a few people I know...
who have told me recently they are despondent, depressed, broke, lost, lonely, hopeless... giving up... won't.
The world is not an easy place to live.
Especially now.
We are experiencing the highest unemployment rate, poverty  and foreclosure levels in the US ever.
College costs are exceeded the ability to pay.
Even if you do have a job, have a home... property taxes will keep going up while you're home values keep going down.
Things are crazy out there.
And if you live in the US, you have it better than most.

Yet in here, in this P.I.'s head...
there is always hope.
A spark of promise, possibility.
A knowledge that every day above ground is good day.
And maybe you think stepping away into the big sleep will solve your problems.
It won't.
It will leave a legacy of confusion, pain, shame, regret and self doubt and self blame in the lives of all you have touched who have been unable to help you.
It will eliminate you from the possibility of a miracle turning your life around.
I see miracles every day.
People who are supposed to be dead and  technically are... because i have seen that flat line with my own eyes.. come back to life.
The terminal are often reborn and outlive the rest of us.
Bullies become kind.
Haters become lovers.
Criminals find true redemption.
And no matter how dark the night(s), there is always a dawn.

The only time it is truly over.... is when you die or when you end your life.
There's no way back from that.
We have no choice about when we exit this planet when it is "our time"...
suicide is a whole different ballgame.
So as I rush out the door after I hit "post" on this blog...
my hope is one of those lost souls I know with holes in their boats will plug them.
One of those people who would rather go down on their sword than "be wrong", will simply surrender and extend or accept the olive branch.
There are other choices than sinking into the abyss of self-destruction.

Truth be told, I do not know if and when I return to this blog...
who will have given up and who will have sucked it up and moved forward.
All I can do is help navigate, provide direction... and pray.
Here's to smooth sailing to all who find this little blog today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Link To "Marijuana Interviews:The Dealer" by James Eaton

The following is a link to a fascinating interview by James Eaton with a marijuana dealer from "The Liberal Boomer."
I think the article is better placed here than Facebook.
In Washington State, medical marijuana has become a booming, almost legitimate industry.
It's okay to grow, buy and use here if you are a patient and have a card.
Still, Federal Laws aren't in sync -- so you are treading on precarious ground because the Feds will bust medical marijuana grow houses when the state won't.
And don't think you can walk down the street or drive your car smoking a joint.
You will get busted.
The legalization of medical marijuana has also taken a toll on those who used to deal it underground.
This interview reflects the change in the industry and in the life of the dealer.
Here's the link. I find it fascinating. And revealing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

RE: The You Tube Below

I listen to the radio a lot because I drive a lot.
So yesterday, I heard about the You Tube below on one talk radio show. They played parts of it. Evidently, it's going viral. I even received a copy of it in my email from my dear sister, who thought it was a hoot.
I totally agree.

What happened, is this couple got their first computer... equipped with web cam.
They had no clue how to use it. So they activated the web cam, without knowing.
And the camera recorded their entire first encounter with their computer... without their knowledge.
The funniest part is really outside the box... the interactions between the two crack me up.
Grampa is quite the lady's man at the end.
Hopefully it is with this hot older couple's consent that whoever posted this on You-Tube has cut it loose.

I think this video is proof positive...
You never know what goes on behind closed doors, unless...
someone leaves a Web Cam on.

Behind Closed Doors...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Personal Injuries

It's fairly obvious I've been away from the blog way too long. That's because the blog is a thing I do when I have time to do it.
Lately, the personal injury part of my business has been very busy, so I have been very busy cleaning up after bad things happen.

That's how I think of personal injury investigation.
Bag things happening to good people.
Two vehicles collide.
Someone falls through rotting stairs.
A doctor leaves a surgical instrument inside someone's body cavity.
A baby is dropped on it's head.
A child is hit on a bicycle.
A teenager is shot by a bullet intended for someone else.
A drunk driver takes out a family of four.
A drug company markets a product they know is harmful.
A medical device is recalled and placed inside someone nonetheless.
A deck collapses.
A tire falls off a truck and crashes through a windshield.
A dog attacks a child.
An adult runs over kid.
Someone doesn't see a motocycle and hits it.
Someone doesn't like motorcycles and hits one.
A bus hits a telephone poles and the pole falls on someone at a bus stop.
A ladder breaks at a construchhtion site.
A door falls off a pile of doors  on a customer at a large home repair store.
Someone falls on a sidewalk crack.
Someone breaks their back on spilled shampoo in a store aisle.
An amusement park ride turns from fun to nightmare because of a missing bolt.
A skidoo slices through a rowboat while two girls sunbathe.
These are the kinds of cases a personal injury investigator like me investigates.
Every day... every few hours... something different.

Most times, people live through this stuff.
Too many times my clients are dead and I speak for them through their families.
I put the puzzle pieces of all the cases together and deliver them to the attorneys.
So that would be why I have been away from the blog.
Each case is a multi-faceted process.
You talk to the victim. The witnesses. Study the police report.  Photograph the scene. Measure the scene. You dig even deeper if you need to.
Then you package it all up without a bow and hand it to the attorneys.
Along with the coveted invoice.
Which seldom fully reflects the work you actually did because money is short for everyone in this economy.

So this would be why the blog has been silent for a while.
Lots of work... a good thing for the creditors...
a bad thing for the injured.
I made a few shifts in my little universe that will allow me to be here more often.
So please don't go away.
My goal is also to add more few more free public record links to left side of the blog every day.
I've got a book in progress and a dream of breathing  new life into this blog.
Meantime, I will keep it up with a case or two in point... and on point.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Over Think, Overkill?

I've heard the say ing almost all my life.
"Overthink, overkill."
I am always overthinking, though I have yet to kill anything.
Still, I do get the point.
We obsess when we become concerned, anxious, worried.
Sopme of us can't sleep.
Other can't eat. or can't stop eating.
We tune the world out...
while we tune into our own emotional tuning fork that sounds, internally, like fingernails on a blackboard.
We can't stop thinking, worrying, trying to control that which is uncontrollable.
Truth be told, all this worry, anxiety, self-loathing we feel....
It's all in our heads.
If you can shift your thinking, you can shift your world.

Colin Hay - Overkill