Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fire And Rain

It is odd to me how people hold onto toxic relationships and just won't let go until those relationships poison and destroy them.
It is odder still how people are in toxic relationships and don't know it.
Those toxic relationships implode or explode and go down in flames.
I've been in a few toxic relationships in my life.
I suspect we all have.... or still are mingling.... among the toxic.

There are people among us who are toxic, " emotional vampires"
They walk beside us and flatter us with their pseudo-appreciation of us when all they really want to do is feed off of us.
Drain us dry.
Take what we have and move on.
It is a sad truth, albeit it a real truth.
It is a truth that keeps people like P.I.'s, Police,  Therapists, legitimately and gainfully employed.

I am working cases involving users, liars, crooks, cheaters and thieves today...
so I think I will let the blog... and Adele's Song "Set Fire To the Rain'"  reflect  this P.I.'s mood d'jour.
Who hasn't felt like Adele has at one time or another?
I know I have.
And truth be told..
Setting fire to rain does bring with it... form of liberation.

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