Friday, September 23, 2011

Surrender Is Not Sweet

I am late for my days cases and have a ferry to catch across what appear to be calm seas this morning.
Meantime, I am leaving the above video in my wake in the hopes that a few people I know...
who have told me recently they are despondent, depressed, broke, lost, lonely, hopeless... giving up... won't.
The world is not an easy place to live.
Especially now.
We are experiencing the highest unemployment rate, poverty  and foreclosure levels in the US ever.
College costs are exceeded the ability to pay.
Even if you do have a job, have a home... property taxes will keep going up while you're home values keep going down.
Things are crazy out there.
And if you live in the US, you have it better than most.

Yet in here, in this P.I.'s head...
there is always hope.
A spark of promise, possibility.
A knowledge that every day above ground is good day.
And maybe you think stepping away into the big sleep will solve your problems.
It won't.
It will leave a legacy of confusion, pain, shame, regret and self doubt and self blame in the lives of all you have touched who have been unable to help you.
It will eliminate you from the possibility of a miracle turning your life around.
I see miracles every day.
People who are supposed to be dead and  technically are... because i have seen that flat line with my own eyes.. come back to life.
The terminal are often reborn and outlive the rest of us.
Bullies become kind.
Haters become lovers.
Criminals find true redemption.
And no matter how dark the night(s), there is always a dawn.

The only time it is truly over.... is when you die or when you end your life.
There's no way back from that.
We have no choice about when we exit this planet when it is "our time"...
suicide is a whole different ballgame.
So as I rush out the door after I hit "post" on this blog...
my hope is one of those lost souls I know with holes in their boats will plug them.
One of those people who would rather go down on their sword than "be wrong", will simply surrender and extend or accept the olive branch.
There are other choices than sinking into the abyss of self-destruction.

Truth be told, I do not know if and when I return to this blog...
who will have given up and who will have sucked it up and moved forward.
All I can do is help navigate, provide direction... and pray.
Here's to smooth sailing to all who find this little blog today.

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