Sunday, September 25, 2011

"The Incredible Case of The PI Moms"

When I first heard this reality show was going on the air, I will admit, I was slightly bummed.
I had been asked to do  a reality show or two before and declined....because they are not my "thing".
Then I heard about a new show allegedly airing on lifetime called "P.I. Moms"
 I felt the show would demeaned the P.I. business.

I feel this business is much serious, professional, and legal-minded than the P.I Moms and their big Boss, Chris Butler... who likened himself to Charlie with his Angels... presented.
I saw them on Dr Phil and a few other shows on their media rounds and somehow felt my business, the PI business...and the hard work it takes.... was somehow diminished by the cocky and cavalier attitude of Chris and his bevvy of beautiful PI Moms.

They made it seem so easy.
Yet some of the things they did didn't sound to me... legal.
I got lucky this weekend when National Public Radio devoted a full hour of "This American Life" to very subject of the PI Moms. I knew none of this information. And I got to listen it to all of it during my  long drive to my first case of that day.
I was determined, whenever I got to a space  and place permitting, I would post the the full radio broadcast/podcast here.
Sit back and relax. It takes an hour...
though i promise it will be  time well spent if the PI business interests you.
The story's incredible and TRUE!
Here's the link to radio prgrgram.

If you don;t have time to listen now, here's a link to a great article about the subject.

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