Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Link To "Marijuana Interviews:The Dealer" by James Eaton

The following is a link to a fascinating interview by James Eaton with a marijuana dealer from "The Liberal Boomer."
I think the article is better placed here than Facebook.
In Washington State, medical marijuana has become a booming, almost legitimate industry.
It's okay to grow, buy and use here if you are a patient and have a card.
Still, Federal Laws aren't in sync -- so you are treading on precarious ground because the Feds will bust medical marijuana grow houses when the state won't.
And don't think you can walk down the street or drive your car smoking a joint.
You will get busted.
The legalization of medical marijuana has also taken a toll on those who used to deal it underground.
This interview reflects the change in the industry and in the life of the dealer.
Here's the link. I find it fascinating. And revealing.

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