Saturday, September 17, 2011

Personal Injuries

It's fairly obvious I've been away from the blog way too long. That's because the blog is a thing I do when I have time to do it.
Lately, the personal injury part of my business has been very busy, so I have been very busy cleaning up after bad things happen.

That's how I think of personal injury investigation.
Bag things happening to good people.
Two vehicles collide.
Someone falls through rotting stairs.
A doctor leaves a surgical instrument inside someone's body cavity.
A baby is dropped on it's head.
A child is hit on a bicycle.
A teenager is shot by a bullet intended for someone else.
A drunk driver takes out a family of four.
A drug company markets a product they know is harmful.
A medical device is recalled and placed inside someone nonetheless.
A deck collapses.
A tire falls off a truck and crashes through a windshield.
A dog attacks a child.
An adult runs over kid.
Someone doesn't see a motocycle and hits it.
Someone doesn't like motorcycles and hits one.
A bus hits a telephone poles and the pole falls on someone at a bus stop.
A ladder breaks at a construchhtion site.
A door falls off a pile of doors  on a customer at a large home repair store.
Someone falls on a sidewalk crack.
Someone breaks their back on spilled shampoo in a store aisle.
An amusement park ride turns from fun to nightmare because of a missing bolt.
A skidoo slices through a rowboat while two girls sunbathe.
These are the kinds of cases a personal injury investigator like me investigates.
Every day... every few hours... something different.

Most times, people live through this stuff.
Too many times my clients are dead and I speak for them through their families.
I put the puzzle pieces of all the cases together and deliver them to the attorneys.
So that would be why I have been away from the blog.
Each case is a multi-faceted process.
You talk to the victim. The witnesses. Study the police report.  Photograph the scene. Measure the scene. You dig even deeper if you need to.
Then you package it all up without a bow and hand it to the attorneys.
Along with the coveted invoice.
Which seldom fully reflects the work you actually did because money is short for everyone in this economy.

So this would be why the blog has been silent for a while.
Lots of work... a good thing for the creditors...
a bad thing for the injured.
I made a few shifts in my little universe that will allow me to be here more often.
So please don't go away.
My goal is also to add more few more free public record links to left side of the blog every day.
I've got a book in progress and a dream of breathing  new life into this blog.
Meantime, I will keep it up with a case or two in point... and on point.


  1. I don't know what to say except that i enjoyed to read this post.. I liked your whole diary... Thanks for sharing with us....