Friday, July 16, 2010

RE: Missing Kyron Horman

Link to Case on "Interceder:" Real Time News"-

I wanted to blog about the Kyron Hormon Case.
Then I realized, this is going to be one short blog post because the link just above these words tells you everything I would... times ten.
If you're anything like me and you've been following Kyron's case, you have your suspicions on whether Kyron  was taken by a stranger or his allegedly wicked stepmother.
In checking the case status today, I discovered  the Interceder for the first time.
I haven't seen a database on the net like this before and thought it would be the perfect tool for telling Kyron's story.

I told a potential client today, the hardest part of being a PI, or hiring one, is knowing we may not come up with the answers they seek.
We may find something big, something small or nothing at all.
And either way they have to pay.

Every ounce of financial energy Kyron's family has, has gone into their quest.... and their lives have already been inextricably altered.
Give it enough time and ultimately, all the emotional and financial juices will be sucked out of yet another family desperate to save or find a loved one.
There is still room for a miracle in Kyron's story.
Though day by day, it appears more unlikely

Personally, I think the step-mom is just like Casey Anthony.
She knows everything and tells nothing.
While I have never been there, I think not knowing where your child is... is worse than knowing your child is dead.
My heart and soul go out to Kyron, wherever he is....
and his parents.
Immerse yourself in the Interceder link above.
And if in doing so, anyone comes up with a clue that might help his family, share it with them.
Or share it here.
Remember, information is power.
So go to the link above.
Then, consider yourself... empowered.

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