Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mel's Confessional

Just passing through cyberspace and felt compelled to add another piece to the Mel Gibson puzzle/equation/witches' brew.
There's an update.
What were "alleged" tapes and now appear to be "real" tapes.
A source I consider mostly reliable, says they will be released. Soon.

I think being a movie star gives some people a god complex.
Gibson is the perfect example of this.
I observed he started going downhill about the time of "Passion of the Christ."
He decided he was chosen.
And he chose to drink again, then chose to do and say whatever the heck he wanted.
Which exposed the bigot/racist behind the handsome mask.

Not only did he want his build his own church so he could have his marriage of umpteen years annulled, which also produced a gaggle of kids...
he had an affair...
then he turned on his baby mama and punched her in the mouth, among other things.
He had planned to marry the target of his latest attack in his church. 

I have a case I have to get to. Though I do want to get this story up.
I am so sick and tired of these celebrities raking in huge bucks and destroying lives and families, especially their kids' lives.
Let's take the celebrities' huge sums of money and give it to our soldiers, teachers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics.

Okay enough ranting for now.
Here's the article which, among other things, has me fairly convinced the tape is real.
Before you know it, my guess is Mel Gibson will be in rehab.

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