Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Four Finger Discount: Klepto Kitty"

If you haven't heard about this cat burglar yet, allow me to introduce you to Oscar.
I just heard about him myself.
Among the many items this rescue cat has stolen, he appears to have developed a penchant for underwear.
So when his owners found 10 pairs of undies in Oscar's stolen stash, they did the right thing, though I'm sure the decision was anguishing.
They turned their beloved bottom feeder Oscar in to local police.
The police, while amused, are actively seeking  the owners of the the purloined underwear.
Meantime, Oscar is in a whole heap of trouble.
Here's one link to the cat burglar story.
Four Finger Discount: Klepto Kitty Swipes Skivvies - The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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