Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Gibson Mother Sighting?

This was sent to me by a source who said he could swear it's Mel Gibson's mother in this clip that follows.
While I wouldn't swear by the mother part, I'm certain the footage itself is real...
though the identity of the old woman in it is likely known only to the parties involved.

While she is true to behavioral form, that alone does not make her Mel's mother.
However, she could be. She's got those Lethal Weapon moves.
Regardless, it is not okay to hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk.
It's also  not okay... and not too wise... to hit a car when you are the pedestrian in the crosswalk.
However, this guy appeared to be asking for it.
At least the old lady thought so.
When some people grow too old, or tired, to rant with with words...
they find another way.
I think its was the last honk of his horn that pulled his trigger.
She launched that shopping bag, the airbag deployed.
The rest is history.

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