Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Change Of Pace

Whoever you are reading this blog, you may begin to notice less lengthy, more succinct writing from here on for a spell.
More cutting direct to the chase.
More content from sources I find helpful, educational and hopefully, life-altering.
You'll find less lengthy ramblings on day-to-day exploits and see this spot as I would see a real diary.
From soliloquy to summary, the writing will now go.

The reason for this is, I have decided to write a book about Private Investigation.
I have set a deadline for myself of September 1, though everyone around me says that's nuts, give yourself until December.
And maybe they're right, maybe I am too ambitious.
Maybe I might consider taking everyone's opinions into consideration, using their data, to ultimately make my own decision.

I always tell people I talk to on behalf of an attorney this: 
"They call an attorney counsel.... as in  legal counsel... for a reason."
I emphasize the word "counsel."
I always say, "take counsel in your attorney's advice."
So I am following my own advice.
I will both hear, listen, and consider the counsel of those who know me.

I have decided to go somewhere I seldom go...
to the gray space, the middle ground.
And maybe I'll get this book out by September. Or maybe it will be December, however...
it will be written.
And I'll get to mark one more thing off the bucket list.

According to the multitudes of gurus milling about (media and other-wise),
"you have to name it to claim it."
"You have to go through it to get to it."
"A goal without a deadline is just a dream."

So that would be what I am doing, right here, right now.
Rather than abandon the blog to intermittent posts, I will just write shorter ones for a spell.

In addition, I'll add daily to my list of links on the blog (see left column), which is really full of some great free sources.
It was suggested by world famous investigative reporter Diane Dimond -- and FB friend (note how I brag) --  that I alphabetize the links, I just haven't figured out how yet.
I just keep adding links to the wall in alphabetical order until that book I write affords me "people" who know how to do such things.

I don't want an entourage.
Just "people".
The kind who do things for you.
Like an army of loyal personal assistants, who organize blogs, websites, do your driving, shopping, hire house cleaners, cook or bring you meals, take your calls.
Once I have "people" I will, be able to keep this  blog advertising and its affiliates fed, write a book, investigate,  teach, live, play, parent, be a wife, walk my dogs, clean my house, cook the meals, do the laundry, pay the bills.
Until then most of my time is spent investigating paying the bills.

So back to the blog subject d'jour.
I think Gary Coleman is old news to too many.
Though I had worked with him once years ago and have a special affinity for him, I can understand others seeing his ugly side, particularly if you caught his last mugshot.
Coleman's Mug Shot

Today, I link you to something totally different.
A bit more "tony", more upscale in the investigation department.
It's about a gal named Terri Horton.
She was trucker in California who bought a painting at a thrift shop for 5 bucks that may be worth 5 million because she and other more credible sources believe it is an original Jackson Pollock.
About Jackson Pollock

The page I am taking to you about the case is intriguing, at least to me
It's from the "Fine Art Registry" and written by Anayat Durrani, providing investigative insight that offers transparency, clarity and dignity.
I find Terri's tenacity inspiring and  fascinating... yet I really doubt anyone is willing to hand her $50 million for what they believe is a $5.00 fraud
Not in her lifetime.

So far, the Naysayers concur.
Nay, they say, it's a fraud.
I say... the jury's still out.
 Here It Is: "Fine Art Registry" Story On Disputed Painting Investigation by Anayat Durrani

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