Monday, July 12, 2010


Most of my clients are victims of something -- they've been robbed, hurt, attacked, deceived, defrauded you name it.
It's much more empowering, however, for the "victim" to transition to "survivor."
Many turn to the justice system for help with that.
The smoking gun in any judicial proceeding is the evidence.
Without it, there will be no semblance of justice
The thing is.... when you have real people as clients, vs. attorneys, their outrage at being victimized takes on a whole different "pallor"  or tone.
You walk into a room, you see, hear, taste and feel the pain and/or outrage.
Then you hear "the rant."
The challenge for the P.I. is to hear that rant out.
Not just once, but every time that client brings it up.
Which is all the time.
Because for many victims who are civilian clients.... the crime, incident, accident, betrayal, event... it becomes a theme that plays throughout their lives.
The You-Tube clip that follows is part of Project Rant.
It is a real rant...meaning the real words, of a real victim, channeled through an actor.
I love this one because this mom knows her stuff.
She'd make a great P.I. lol.

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