Monday, July 19, 2010

Today's Assignment

Before I head south for the day, I am linking you to the song below. Not to ask you to send money to Haiti.
It is a newer version of an older  Michael Jackson song that has always touched my heart.
It is a perfect counter-point to the "Thriller" epic played out by real  prisoners in a disturbing way further down this blog.
In this P.I.'s opinion, Jackson's bizarre behavior, physical persona, and questionable appetites were his own undoing.
What can not be undone is the legacy, the gift in this re-make of his song.
Those of us ex-hippies remember the original version well.
It is about unity in the face of darkness.
Compassion defeating desperation.
It is about a world in crisis.
And whether you help quake victims; west coast fishermen; our soldiers; police; teachers; a friend; family member; or a stranger; all that you help.
 Remember, homeless people are not "failures" or "bums."
They have been brought down by medical bills, lost jobs and no safety nets.
(Last week I interviewed a homeless couple and baby in their car turned home)
Help whenever you can, by giving what you can spare.
Money, food, two helping hands, a phone call, email, a smile, hug, compassion. Respect.
That is the message in the song below.
That is the message in this post today.
Life is fleeting and often ends unexpectedly.
So why not.... today... try just one random act of a kindness. Can't hurt
And who knows?
It could just rock your world.

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