Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Goodfella Gets Married

A Facebook friend of mine just got married and I'd like to congratulate him and his new missus here.
You may or may not have heard of him, it depends how old you are...or what movies you've seen.
He was played by Ray Liotta in "Goodfellas."
His name is Henry Hill and he's a former mobster-turned-informant; an associate of New York's Lucchese Crime Family.
He's been in and out of witness protection, has always been controversial.
He's done things in his professional life many call despicable... while others embrace the side of him that stepped forward and risked his life to turn informant.
Evidently, his new wife leans towards the latter.

I don't think Henry has killed anyone, or has any interest in doing so, since his Mafia Days... and we're talking real Mafia, not Mafia Wars.
Though if you look at Henry Hill's art work (he's an artist with his own gallery and work for sale on the web),  you kind of wonder if some of his graphic images are wishes or reflections.
I've read every book about him, by him, by his family members. I've read all the articles, seen all the documentaries, drawn my own conclusions.
And never in my life could I have imagined we would be Facebook friends one day, lol.
To me, Henry Hills demonstrates the ability to not only persevere, but evolve and thrive.
I'll take you to his website.... which I think has one heck of an opening page.
I picked the right door first.
What a hoot.

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