Thursday, July 22, 2010

Could She Be Mel Gibson's Mother?

Every now and then, you look for one thing and find another.
So in the course of doing some investigation last night...
I came across this recording and I thought, wait a minute...
there's something familiar about this gal.
And the more I listened, the more she reminded me of Mel Gibson.
I mean she's so much like him.
Give her a beard, brown hair and the resemblance is there.
She uses the same words. The same threats.
She hisses and breathes heavy and screams just like him.
It felt like the dawn of discovery.
I may have discovered Mel's missing genetic link!
Only thing missing is the Aussie accent, but then, there can be explanations for that.
None of which involve the word "evolution."
Her rant comes in a full installments instead of the 6... no.... I think it's 7... Mel Rants.
I suspect there are more Mel tapes, btw. But that's another blog post.

In my opinion, the telemarketer guy listening is so good,  he's even better than Oksana.
And while the courts will determine whether the the Mel tapes are real or not...
admissible or not....
I will stand on my sword for this one.
The recording is 100% real. 
Mel's alleged Mom takes a full 8 minutes before the siege ends....
so carve out a little time to you can take the clip that follow this post all the way to the end and see how one savvy man enjoyed and flowed with the absurdity of it all.

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