Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Need To Confess

My mother always told me, from the time I was kid, that I had a "need to confess."
I wasn't one of those who lied, hid or shared untruths.
I told it like I saw it and tended to be honest to a fault.
Still am.
And if I did something wrong, I  fessed up, every time.
I have discovered, among the countless varieties of life-forms on this planet, I am not alone.
It appears there are not only other humans who share my "need to confess."
It also occurs among llamas.
Though my offenses have never come close to the criminal nature of Carl's.
He is a breed apart.
One disclaimer/confession:
"Llamas with Hats" (below) is not intended for kids or anyone who does not appreciate sick humor.

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