Monday, July 5, 2010


Somewhere between the late 1700's and the early 1800's, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said:
"Whoever wishes to keep a secret must hide the fact that he possesses one."

The guy wasn't a P.I., though he might as well been one.
He was a poet, dramatist, novelist, observer of human nature.

Information is power, and secrets are the currency in that power system.
As you'll note, many celebrities have lost power lately because their sordid secrets have been exposed.
And for us normal folks, for individuals and families, both the keeping...and the revealing... of a secret can be earth shattering.
Not just a breech of trust or faith...
an exposed secret exposes viscera and hearts strings, it shatters friendships, marriages, families, ruins lives.
Some secrets -- like fraud, affairs, addictions --  end in divorce, damaged children, financial ruin, or worse... violence and/or death.
Other secrets are so unbearable they end up in suicide.

One of my all time favorite books and Websites is PostSecret.
It's an amazing concept.
It's not quite as old as I am, which is ancient... yet it's been around a long time.
Long enough, that I suspect you've been to the site or read one of the books.

It all started with one very humble, normal guy who handed out or left blank postcards, with postage, addressed to him wherever he was.
That's what started PostSecret.

In the unlikely event you are the one person who has not discovered PostSecret yet, I am posting the the link to the site here.
TopSecret is now rated the second best blog of 2010.

If you haven't gone there yet, I am excited for you already.
You are about to enter a house of secrets that is captivating and profoundly mind-altering in the revealing.

We all have secrets.
If you say you don't have a single one, I'd say you're lying.
But that's not the point of today's blog.
The link to PostSecret, which follows next is.

Just do yourself -- and me-- a favor.
After you discover the website.... go to the link I next provide which is a  YouTube story from "Time Magazine" about a PostSecret Postcard that went viral.

Step #1: Go to PostSecret Website Here

Sep #2: Go To You Tube/Time Artcle "Post Secret Suicides",32068,97606066001_1998352,00.html

As you will learn, Facebook helped pump the heart in that YouTube video.

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