Friday, September 30, 2011

Susan Powell Case Update

In August, Josh Powell's own sister, Jennifer Graves, suspected him of murdering Susan Powell, her sister in law.
This is not to say sisters can't and aren't wrong in  the false allegation department
However, I believe this sister, Jennifer, speaks the truth.

This is a known fact.
In Utah, Josh Powell took his two young sons from their warm home to go camping in the middle of freezing desert winter night.
The boys then were ages 2 and 4.
Shortly during, after, or before... Susan Powell, Josh's wife, the boys mother, disappeared.
POOF! Susan Powell is gone. No one can find her.
Though the search teams in the Utah desert have picked up a trail, a scent, a glimmer of possibility of a find.

Josh claims she left him and the boys for another man.
Like we, the world, her family, her own sons would believe that based on the evidence.
Josh even alleged she came on to his own father.

Study Susan Powell. She would never, ever leave her sons.
I didn't believe Josh's lies for a heartbeat.
Good thing the cops didn't either.
Regardless,  after Susan Powell mysteriously disappeared...
(who according to her husband... abandoned everything she owned including her maternal instinct)
Josh Powell packed up his sons and moved to a town called Puyallup, Washington.... not too far from me... to live with his dad, Grampa, Steven Powell.

One major problem there.
Susan father in law, Steven Powell, is sex pervert, who especially like porno pictures of children and had quite an affinity for Josh's wife Susan... the subject of this blog post who has disappeared.
The way he harassed Susan was one reason she initially moved her  from Puyallup to Utah in the first place .... to get away from Josh's dear old demented dad.

On August 25, 2011,  after Susan's disappearance, Jennifer Graves, Josh's own sister, Susan's sister-in-law, spoke to the media and asked Josh's dad to stop "slandering Susan".,0,4879996.story

It seems Susan told her friends and family what was going down with her husband's dysfunctional family.
She also kept a journal of the nasty moves her father in law made around her.
People knew she was in a toxic situation.

Then, go figure... one icy, freezing, midnight, Josh takes his boys camping in the Utah desert.
They are 2 and 4 years old. Susan doesn't go. And Susan Powell  is never seen since.

Josh decides to take the two boys and  leave Utah rather than join the search for his wife. they went to live with his father, Steven Powell in Puyallup Washington.

So of course, the whole situation stinks bigtime and people are pretty freaked out both here and in Utah. Yet karma can really serve it back.

So Gramps, Steven Powell, was just busted, (amen) for his porn stash.
Here's the link to that story. He's still  in jail now.
I just checked.

But Susan  is still unfound.
And with Steven Powell, Grampa, now busted, behind bars here in Washington....
that left the boys living with a possible murderer. Their dad.

Yet there is a measure of good news in this sordid  story.
The tides are turning now.
The courts have awarded temporary custody of the boy's to Josh's parents.
The temporary part is not good news.
For now however, the boys are safely in the loving, arms of very good people.
All while, Susan Powell's devastated family and friends, and really big-hearted strangers are still searching for what may remain of her body which I believe was buried or burned in the Utah desert.

And Josh Powell's own sister has gone on recor again, this time, saying he should never be awarded custody.
Check that out here:

I drove by Steven and Josh Powell's home again on my way home from a case in that area yesterday.  It felt great to know the kids weren't there anymore... that Susan's parents won the custody battle...
and Josh's time is coming.

I pray the search parties, the police, dogs, someone... finds Susan's body.
I pray this doesn't become another Casey Anthony case and Josh Powell gets away with it.
Or worse, he gets those boys back.
The world is so full of injustice right now.
We  all could could use more really big score.... right about now.... for the good guys.
Especially Susan Powell and her family.
What follows is a You-Tube Update on the case.

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