Saturday, October 1, 2011

RE: The Susan Powell Case Tipping Point

 The story at the end of this post links you to the most current update I could locate on the Susan Powell case before heading out on weekend rounds.
It's from ABC in Salt Lake City, the location of the search and likely murder or or abduction search.
I remain hopeful about the desert finds and anxious for DNA results which take a whole lot longer than the one hour they show you on CSI.
We are talking months.
But they have material.
They have trace evidence.
They have things burned.
And the more I think about it,
the more I realize how hard it would be to bury a body in a freezing Utah desert in the middle of the night while taking care of your two sons.
If Grampa showed up to help his son in Utah, from Puyallup, the task would be even easier.
Though dad could do it all by himself.
Regardless, I'm thinking the police and search crews are thinking the same way I am.
There must be a grave, though unlikely.
More likely, campfire. Cremation.
I don't want that and don't feel good posting that possibility here knowing some of Susan's family may read it because it is a horrifying thought.
Fortunately though, Susan's Powell's family has her kids.
Unfortunately, this disappearance,  this murder,  the snatched, stolen children, young adults, mothers, sons, babies, it never ends.

Lindsey Baum
There is another missing person in our area, Linsdey Baum, a young girl snatched right off the streets by  who knows who and taken who knows where. She has Facebook page you can join.  And here's a link to her official website.
I often work in or near Lindsey's town, where she was abducted.
Between cases,  I have stopped by the thick wooded areas alongside with my dog and just ventured here and there for a look see, where I would imagine someone could be killed and hidden.

There is a burial ground for the green river Killer's bodies here in Washington.
It is up in the mountains and there were more bodies there than there were victims of the Green River Killer. Think about that for a minute if you feel like walking in the dark lands.

Given Josh's father's inclinations for child porn.... and his lust for daughter in law Susan Powell (which really had her concerned according to her friends and her journal), it is indeed possible she wasn't killed sold into some kind of white slave trade.
That idea frightens me, oddly, more than death.
Though I think it unlikely.
Either way, this story will not end quickly or fast enough for anyone until Susan is found.

And that's what today's post is about.
Here's a link to the what they're finding in the Utah desert searches which still go on.

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