Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Blogger's Back in Town

I missed the blog... and decided not to let it go into hiatus for a number of reasons I will spare you.
Let's just say life is an ocean and I ride its ebbs and tides. When a storm comes, I prepare for it...
batten down those hatches, secure those loose lines, turn bow into the wind.
Today marks one such shift in the weather.

I woke to a very dark and moody Pacific Northwest morning with three things on my mind.
Coffee, murder and mayhem.
The coffee, available in the kitchen.
The murder in a case file in front of me.
The mayhem in the various corners of this beach house on the bay.

Today I decided to quietly reignite the blog or a number of reasons.
In this cyber world it's a good way to send smoke signals to the planet on a daily basis.
And readership logs indicate readers world wide.
Legend has it, a blog is also a good way to make money.
However I  haven't had the time or inclination to figure that  angle out yet.

Bottom line, the blog is back...
and I'm glad whoever is reading this is back too.
The world's become askew as of late.
We need places to we can seek solace or cover.
We need sources to fuel our  insatiable appetite for information.
And we need to help others.

In the days ahead, the blog... and my P.I. business... will be growing.
It's my way of adapting to  the depression we're in....
which, for some reason, the government and politicians prefer to call a recession.

While I'm glad a whole slew of old dictators have left the planet and the troops are pulling out of Iraq, that's not going to help the state of our economy, the amount of war, famine, illness, injury, unemployment and disenchantment among us.
The American economy can and will continue to tank.

I'm the first to admit P.I.'s are not necessarily he most optimistic of people because we see the worst side of life.
However, most of us love what we do because we believe we make a difference. And we often do.
I also  think people who read this blog, think about the same way I do.
We need to team up to stay safe and grounded in an unstable world which is rapidly becoming even more unhinged.

So come back every day and I will too.
Share the blog with you anyone you'd like it and help me build readership so we can all spread information that can help save lives...
or lighten those  hard or lonely lives burdened by the dark side.
These are not easy days...
Let this blog be a place of both retreat and information to keep you safe.
And a place I can offload the words and images that can haunt the head of a PI.


  1. It was good to see you back... for a short time, until you once again slipped away from this blog. I am hoping that it is because you have been too busy with work and not for any negative reasons. When I get too busy, as I have been recently, I find it hard to take time to even check the various sites I enjoy and can only imagine how difficult it must be to run your own business, work on other projects you've spoken of in the past, and keep the blog fresh. It doesn't help when you have long gray days (being just a little to the north of you in Victoria I get pretty much the same weather). Hopefully you will soon have the opportunity to return and give those of us that enjoy following you online, a something new to ponder. As always, I will keep checking.

  2. I'm not sure if the comment I just attempted to post actually made it, as there seemed to be a technical glitch just as I was posting, so I will try one more time.

    I was glad to see that you decided to revive the blog... but disappointed that it seemed to be for a short time, as it has been almost a month since your last posting here. Having followed you for some time I understand many of the reasons why this can happen, not the least of which is a busy schedule with work, other projects you have previously mentioned, and then trying to come up with fresh content here. I am hoping that it has been a busy workload that has kept you from adding fresh content here, as it would be unfortunate if you felt it was time to wind down the blog.

    Living just a little north of you, in Victoria, I know how the long dark days at this time of the year can wear on one. I haven't even been checking in here very often recently (although a lot of that has to do with a busy work schedule and attending various confrences). The thing is, I really enjoy your blog, and look forward to sitting back with a good cup of coffee and reading your newest installment. So, I will keep checking and hopefully your blog (and business) will thrive.

  3. desert, thank you so much. can you believe how much time has passed. i promise now not to disappear again. you are one kind bright soul and i can't thank you enough for this. it stirs me on...