Tuesday, November 6, 2012

RE: Tabitha Lynn Franklin – Missing Since 08-13-09

What is known, is this:

On August 13, 2009, Tabitha Lynn Franklin, known as Tabby, was picked up at her friend’s house by her ex-boyfriend.
According to the ex, who is the most likely suspect, (in this writers, and countless others opinion) he dropped her off where he works and went off to run errands.
When he came back, she was gone.
She hasn’t been seen since.
And he claims he did nothing.
In fact he left town where he lives with another woman and her children.
The case is likely still open, thought it appears obvious, the police have stepped away from it pending further evidence.
I believe the ex did it.
I am not alone.
This is a man who has beaten her black and blue.
This is a man who previously threatened her life.
There are picture of the injuries and the alleged perpetrator on this Facebook page run by family members.

The last man to see Tabby, her ex, has issues with dominance and control.
I am not mentioning the bad guys name here.
He’s easy enough to see on the above Facebook page.
He claimed he picked her up, dropped her off at his house, came home and then... poof!
She was gone.
If he picked her up.. why would she want to be dropped at her ex’s house…
instead of her own, where her three children were waiting for her?
Why would she want to hang out at her ex’s house while he ran errands?
This makes zero sense to me.
And regardless,
He left town.
And left  a shattered world behind.
What was a picture of a  what we call a family, was left in shards...
and no one to pick up the pieces.
For some reason the media hasn’t picked up the case.
So I thought I'd relaunch the blog from this platform.
One behalf of Tabby.
Here’s a brief link to the case on The Charley project.

Please explore the case, come to your own conclusions.
If you believe as I do…
that this guy must be held accountable…
you can show your support and see what you can do by stopping by the family’s Facebook page.

The You Tube below features Tabby's children. 

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