Sunday, August 22, 2010


I've been doing a lot of  domestic work lately.
It's not my favorite stuff to do, particularly because everyone has their own version of why the friendship, relationship, marriage, partnership, whatever, failed.
Having been through one marriage and now well into a second...
having experienced separation, custody, and his first girlfriend...
I get it when it comes to being married and being single.
And I have come to one inextricable conclusion, you may or may not agree with.
I believe it is far better to be single and happy....
than to be married and miserable.
Coupling is nice and safe and comforting only when the person you couple with is functional, humane, and cares about you.
Love is wonderful, however, it's not an excuse, nor is it a reason, to stay in a relationship where you feel you are being mentally, physically, or emotionally abused.
The problem is exiting.
Exiting is always the hardest part. That's when things get really dark.
When one person steps out, the black clouds, lightening bolts and the dark green demons of jealousy step in.
Fumes of rage fill the air, they ignite at the slightest emotional spark.
And the end result can be catastrophic...
or liberating.
Because when one door closes, another usually opens....provided you are open to it.
That said.... this P.I. has to step away from the computer to work one such case.
So I decided to leave this point... and the blog... in the hands of angels.
 I've heard many versions of the  Sinead O'Conner's song over many years.
However, this is one of my  favorites because All Angels so clearly communicates  the depth of despair the dissolution of a relationship can take you to.

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