Monday, August 9, 2010

Man Arrested With Dead Woman in Passenger Seat

I heard this story discussed on the Seattle radio stations on my rounds today and could not wait to see if it was true.
I was particularly intrigued because I had recently completed an investigation in the area, and there are some strange folks living there.
And quite a few Meth labs allegedly scattered about.
So I made a few calls, checked out the story... and even though it sounds like a bad  grade B horror flick, it's 100% true.
He was heading up the freeway with his passenger, a dead woman, propped right up when the police stop happened.

The alleged murderer's first defense was he was being economically efficient ( default,"green"), by saving the family funeral/burial expenses
The police didn't buy it.
Maybe he would've been better off using the Carpool Lane Defense... and claim he didn't know she was dead...he thought she was sleeping.
Though I suspect they wouldn't buy that one either.
Because as truths always tend to to do, the truth emerged in this case.
Here's a link to the whole story, far better than I could ever tell it.
Must say though, I did look close at the passengers in the express lanes on my way home tonight....
Update: Man told police he had contact with body - Breaking News - The Olympian - Olympia, Washington

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