Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook Dislike Button Story

 It appears to be such an innocuous little Facebook button.
Just like the"Thumbs Up" like button after people's posts,
You just push it and voila!
Someone knows you don't like what they don't like.
Or maybe someone wants to let you know they don't like what you have to say at all.
It's spreading fast, that new "dislike" button on Facebook.
I was intrigued when I noticed it appearing on others' walls
Yet something about it didn't make sense to me.
It was a separate component from the complete Facebook package.
It appeared too quickly out of nowhere.
It had the aura of a data-mining, pyramid scheme.
To me, it was a button that opened a potentially dangerous portal.
Now I know why.
Please read this story before you push that little Dislike button.
And even if you don't read the story, don't push the button.
Warning: Fake Facebook ‘Dislike’ Button Plagues Facebook Users

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