Monday, August 16, 2010

RE: Philip Markoff, "Craig's List" Killer's Suicide

He hollowed out a Grey's Anatomy text book and buried his gun inside.
He gathered up panties from his victims and hid them in his secret places.
He had an apartment overloaded with evidence... and a beautiful fiance, loving family, friends and classmates who had no clue.
He was tall, blond, handsome... the promising Boston University medical student.
He was also the Craig's List Killer.

Yesterday, Philip Markhoff was found dead, allegedly of suicide.
The stories leaking out now are that he slit his wrists, when his fiancee first heard about the killing.
He also tied shoelaces around his throat in jail.
He was on suicide watch when it happened.
However, this time, word is... the medical student used his medical prowess to come up with a technique that would make the suicide more than attempt.

Julia Brisman's family, his final victim, is devastated.
First Philip Markhoff killed their daughter.
Now almost a year later, they won't have to opportunity to see his killer on trial.
To learn the details of their daughter's last moments.
To see this man finally brought to justice.
They will miss the "perp walks", the opening arguments, the trial... they're what every family member and friend of a murder victim hungers for. There is a faith amongst the victim's loved ones that trial and sentencing will bring closure.

However, I have learned, there is never closure after a killing. And trial.
Even if someone's is sentenced to life...or death.
One's life is inextricably altered the moment murder touches someone they know or love.

Did Markoff kill others?  I believe so. The first time you catch someone doesn't mean it was the first time they did it. I have studied enough about murder.... and met a few murderers along the way.... to know when a killing is a one time, aberrant act... or a lifelong addiction. And anyone can be a murderer. Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief.

Was Jack the Ripper a surgeon? Some think so.
Same thing with the Black Dahlia's killer. One of the  investigators working that case believes his dad may have been the killer.
And the Zodiac killer's son was the one who discovered and firmly believes his own dad was the killer.
All these murderers, the young ones... the fathers... the good looking guys and the social rejects... they are all defective, in my opinion.
They are aberrant chromosomes in our society... which  over the years, over the generations, only grow stronger.

Yesterday, I spoke with some investigators, one who told us about  a murder in the family, that still hasn't been solved 10 years later.

I personally know of one man, right now, who I believe with complete certainty killed my friend's sister more than a decade ago.
The family of the victim knows it... and so do a few homicide investigators, police officers, newspaper reporters and people like me close to the case.
But there was not enough evidence for the grand jury to indict him.
That's because he's a lawyer, he was so good at hiding his smoking gun, we could not find it.
Fortunately, there is no statute of limitations on murder.
So one day... the tide will turn against him.
One day, he will will have his day in court... this time, not as an attorney, as a Defendant.
Until then.... he gets the word "alleged" before the word "murderer."
Even though I and others believe he killed her, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Philip Markoff evidently had the courage to kill, yet was chicken when it came to facing up to his errant ways.
I believe BTK, and Gary Ridgeway, notorious serial killers, savored their talks with the police, investigators, psychologists as much as they savored their killings.
Jeffrey Dahmer, who bears a physical resemblance to Markoff, took his killings to incredible extremes. Beyond introducing substances directly into his victims' brain, he disassembled and stored parts of their bodies in the fridge or barrels. He also made meals of his victims
And when Dahmer's time for justice came, Dahmer told his story, in great depth to everyone who so desperately wanted to listen and understand.

Not Philip Markoff.
He was a whole different breed of killer. The kind who wanted to take other's lives, then his own, rather than ultimately face his demons.
And for those who believe in hell, Markhoff is there.
Me...I believe he's in the big  dark sleep of death.

There is no peace there, nor is there pain. There is nothingness.

Yet Philip Markoff's victims' families... and his own family... will never sleep peacefully again.
For them, life is a living hell knowing now what they didn't know then.
Some people are just rotten to the core.... even  though they have a fascade of perfection.

I'm following this post with a great story from the Daily Beast that gives you more insight into the case.

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