Saturday, February 19, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Professional Suicide?

I think Mel Gibson committed a form of media suicide.
Same with the Michael Richards guy who plays Kramer on Seinfeld.
If you say something really racist, offensive, insulting or act like an a-hole, the American public tends not-be to happy happy about that.
They'll turn their back on you and your career is history.

I think it unlikely Gibson will ever make a comeback.
We still haven't seen Kramer anywhere.
Yet Charlie Sheen is everywhere,
Despite... or in spite of... the crack Charlie Sheen made about crack in this recent radio interview with Dan Patrick.
There are two parts to the interview. This is my favorite, Part One.
It's amazing how someone can be a complete train wreck, be so off the tracks...
and continue to keep on  chugging.
Or shorting.
Or shooting up.
We've lost too much talent too soon, to the lures, traps, addiction to drugs and alcohol.
Judy Garland, WC Fields, Janis Joplin, Montgomery Clift, Janis Joplin, John Belushi, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Elvis Presley Michael Jackson...the list goes on and on.
Check out this site. 42 Hollywood Drug deaths.
Whether these were suicides or overdoses is pointless in my mind.
Drugs are drugs.
Dead is dead.
Re: Charlie Sheen, in my opinion the jury is still out. And so is he.
He's chosen to do his rehab at home.
He's chosen to to this radio interview and discuss social crack smoking.
And I don't know about you, but he sounds high as a kite to me.
Everything Charlie Sheen is smoking, snorting or shooting...
and the number of prostitutes he has allegedly been involved with...
won't lengthen that life span of his.
It appears he's already lost more than a few brain cells in this interview.

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