Saturday, February 26, 2011

Depression In Young Ones

Sometimes we older ones become so wrapped up in our own depressions, we discount the feelings of the wee ones, the babes in the woods.
The children, teenagers, young adults following in our footsteps towards a most uncertain future.
They haven't been through the jungles, tar pits, the quicksand, slugged through the overgown, intertwined, complex tundra we have.

They have not walked in our mocassins,
Yet we feel that by virtue of having been young once, we have walked in theirs.
And it is our duty as their family member or friends to guide them away from the tigers and towards the safety nets.
And it has been my experience, across the board... the young would prefer to find their own way. Some, however.... get lost and needed help.

I suspect, statistically speaking, the youth of my generation were far less depressed than the kids of today.
There were no computers when I was a kid.We played outside or in our heads.
There was an innocence to our lives the internet and tv no longer affords us.
There was never an expectation for us, as teenagers, to  knowingly or unknowingly exploit or expose ourselves on a world-wide live interactive stage of predators.

When I was kid, there was no cyberspace... 
only outer space, the lunar landing and original moon walk...
and no cyber world that didn't existed at all.
There was no internet for millions of us growing up.

I rememeber getting our first tv when they came out, it was black & white.
I watched the Wizard of Oz, the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.... and JFK's assinanation, playecd over and over on it, sitting idian style in ront of the TV.
I even watched Oswald take a bullet live from Jack Ruby for the assasination of our President.
Then saw Bobby Kennedy anbd Martin Luther Kennnedy gunned down.
I recall being depressed as a kid. I had my reasons.
But suicide weas never a thought or consideration to me...
as it is to today's young.

I like this video above because it expands upon a very important blog issue this week. Depression.
It opens our eyes to an issue many people don't think about.
Some one else.
And in this case, that would be the wee ones.

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