Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Tragic End of This Pirate Story

This was not necessary.  It was pointless. Useless.
A complete waste of humanity,
It's like a suicide bomber walking onto a city bus or into or a crowd of people.
It's like an angry kid loaded down with dad's weapons walking into a school building.
It's like a self-proclaimed patriot blowing away an Oklahoma building which housed, among so many businesses and lives, a thriving and full daycare.

This recent murder of Americans on the high seas by Somali pirates is an act of evil I believe the defense will mask as some form of political or religious statement.
However, I don't buy it for it for a heartbeat.
There is NO political statement here.
Just madness.
And no one will really come close to knowing what ensued unless all the surviving pirates are isolated, interogated and provide the same story....  the latter of which is most unlikely.
Were the four coldly executed?
Or did some fight for their lives and get killed for doing so?

Two Seattlelites were aboard that boat.
I knew one casually.
She had mentioned her fear of pirates to a friend.
However, she had also been around the world once by sea and it so compelled her....
she sold most everything she had to relive a dream she had no way of knowing would be her final nightmare.

The killers denied me the opportunity to get to know her better.
And they denied her friends, her family, all four families.... a sense of peace.... for the rest of their lives. They will revisit the terrifying and haunting death of their loved ones from this point forward.
Those last moments when someone dies is something that is the hardest for a loved one to grasp.
To me, from the safety of secure seas...
plumbing the depths of these particular deaths is unfathomable.

I looked for the most recent, informative link to the story before I return to the day job.
Here it is. And off I go.
click here: http://www.kirotv.com/news/26950041/detail.html

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