Sunday, May 30, 2010

RE: "Risk communication and disasters: just tell the truth" by DemFromCt

I have no clue who's home this Memorial Weekend and how many care about this subject.
I know I do with all my heart and soul.
So since I now have a medium, here is my message:

I am very concerned about the gushers on the Gulf Coast and whether they can ever really be contained.
I am also very convinced what we're seeing on the Gulf Coast is just the proverbial tip of just one oil slick iceberg.
We are merely seeing and skimming the surface.
The article I link you to at the end of this blog from the "The Daily Kos" is like a glass bottomed sub that takes you there.
There's a whole ocean, miles deep, of woe that  "DemFromCT"  does a magnificent job of investigating and writing about.
This profound blog post objectively and rationally plumbs the depths of an on-going oil leak the likes of which this country, or planet, has never seen.

This morning, over coffee, we were talking about all the environmental/world disasters happening lately.
I took out my investigator notebook and started to list them:

1. Softball sized hail stones in Oklahoma on two separate occasions in spring.
2. A volcano erupts and Iceland begins to melt
3. A second volcano named Katla on the Icelandic continent, is much bigger and more dangerous than Eyjafjoell, which was the first one to blow. Historically, Katla has always blown after the first one did. Typically, it erupted every 100 years and it has been 150 year since its last blow. That's why scientists may think a second eruption, from much more fierce Katla is imminent. Here's a link to that volcano Go here: 2nd Iceland Volcano Eruption?
4. Up to 300,000 people were killed in the Haitian Quake. Let's add the Philippine and China Quakes to the mix.
5. The Tsunami in Thailand, well.... just got to this link and all the stats are there. Click on impact and note statistics. Go here: Tsunmai Stats
 6. The financial collapse of Spain, Greek and Portugal. Not to mention the rest of the European world sinking fast.
7.Hurricane Katrina among so many others. New Hurricanes arriving this season to this east coast will have increase in intensity, severity and damage due to the effects oil has on hurricanes.
8.The US Economic Collapse: from the stock market; real estate; and Enron to Bernie Madeoff, bank, insurance companies and our governments haste to waste. The list goes on
9. More foreclosures than ever before in American history, states going bankrupt.
10. Highest unemployment rates since the  Depression

By the time we hit the unemployment and Depression stats, we were too depressed to continue the list all the signs of end times and decided to stop there.

Besides, I have cases to write up,  we all have a day to begin.
There is gas in my car, food in my tummy, coffee brewing,work to be done.
For that, I am eternally grateful. 
Yet, I just can't leave this Gulf Spill/Gusher situation alone.
It could very well be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

That's why I close for now linking you to an article from one of my favorite blogs, the "Daily Kos."
The post is written by "DemFromCT". I think it's the most complete, concise, precise, well-written and, easy-to follow explanation of the enormous challenges and impact we face there.

Dem takes us way below the surface of this issue to the dark depths of  the ocean floor.
Please click and read the link below.
And please, be safe and smart out there today.
Go here: "Risk communications and Disasters from "The Daily Kos"

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