Friday, May 14, 2010

Facebook Embarrassed By Privacy Mistakes

I originally had this on my FB wall.
In the 20/20 clarity of hindsight, I thought it better placed here.
I don't believe Facebooks intent is to deliberately violate or compromise people's privacy rights.
I think getting a handling on the privacy issues on a scale the planet has never seen before, is a huge challenge for any company.
As information flows and grows, privacy shrink exponentially.
And unfortunately, fraud runs rampant.
What Facebook and its management challenge, are the unavoidable effect of  new and heretofore, unknown, electronic infracture.
The co-mingling threads, people, places linking this vast inter web, the net, is prowled by spiders... some harmless. some venomous.
In creating such a world, some sort of barriers must be provided to protect to good guys from the bad ones.
I am impressed by Facebook's response to recent privacy protests and remain hopeful, they'll get a handle on their huge new virtual life form.
Check out this link .
Go to: Facebook PR Chief Takes the Heat

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