Friday, May 14, 2010

Tinkerbell Busted By Facebook

P.I.'s tend to travel under the radar.
It's like the Navy Seal school of business.
Wet suit on, leap into sea, swim to job,  avoid sharks, do job unseen, swim back to ship or shore, climb out of wet suit, blend back into crowd and disappear.
We are by nature Private Investigators, so we tend to dwell in the shadow lands.
I think of myself and my kind as "non-participant observers".

So when I first joined Facebook and started exploring friend's picture walls, I was blown away by the hundreds of pictures people would post on the net featuring them alone, them with others, them everywhere and anywhere.
It seemed to me, the ones in their twenties and thirties had the most.
Sometimes hundreds of photos of themselves on their pages.
I would go through the pages and study the person and study their life in pictures and think, sometimes...
"What if I were a predator? This is pretty risky stuff"

Many young girls want to look older. They dress skimpier. They pose suggestively.
Many young men want to look cooler, hotter, hipper.
Others, like Kevin Colvin, prefer the Tinkerbell look.

I'm not sayin'... it's not okay to post whatever you want on your Facebook photo albums.
I'm just sayin... please, don't be the space cadet this young man was.
Every single thing you post on Facebook exposes you to the world.
And in the world are people, like employers and P.I.s, who may be looking up information on you, whether you like it, know it... or not.
There are also predators out there, looking for prey to play with.

Know every action has a reaction. It is the law of the universe.
Drop even the smallest pebble in the water, it ripple outward in layers.
Every good action produces good energy and  good results.
Every bad action creates negative energy and negative, sometimes catastrophic results.

May Tinkerbell's banking career rest in peace after posting this photo and some ill-timed words on Facebook.
Be sure to read the comments by readers that follow the article.
Go here: Bank Intern Busted By Facebook.

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