Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fugitive Busted Through Facebook Pleads Guilty

It is wise to be careful what you say and post on Facebook.
Just imagine anything you post ending up in front of an employer, lawyers, jury,  your mother...
or worse, the police.
I use Facebook and other social network posts in my investigations.
So do a lot of other P.I.'s.
There's a whole lot of potential evidence on Facebook pages.
For example, nothing hurts a DWI defense worse than a picture of the Defendant partying hearty on his or her Facebook page.
And nothing made one fugitive named Maxi Sopo easier to find when he couldn't stop posting on Facebook while enjoying his great escape to Cancun.
I think once you read today's news, you might agree --  Sopo takes stupid to a whole new level.
Link here: Fugitive busted through Facebook pleads guilty

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