Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Bad Mama?

Ma'  Barker, AKA Kate Barker was allegedly one of the baddest mama's in American history. This site has three tabs on it. If you click on the photo link there's a fascinating quote there. Evidently Ma' can't receive flowers.
Go To: Find A Grave Ma' Barker

Though over time, Ma's role remains debatable.
While some say she was the mastermind of her son's criminal gang, she retained an alias of Donnie Clark in Arizona. Usual; people with alias are hiding something.
Others suggest she was a victim of a J  Edgar Hoover Witch Hunt.
(Rumor has it, J. Edgar didn't like women, but that's another blog post).
Go To: One Profile of Ma'

Others say sweet old Ma was misjudged by her 'trailer trash'  background and her no-good, gang-banging sons who caused a whole heap of trouble. Proponents of Ma' say she never killed anyone and was deemed guilty by association. Her murder, allegedly, was set a set-up.
Go to: Ma' Barker the Scapegoat?

When a crime happens so long ago, you'd think hind-sight would provide 20/20 vision.
Not so in this case.
In my opinion, the jury is still out and will remain so in Ma's Barker's case.

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