Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Trouble For Craigslist

The list of crimes on Craigslist keeps going, growing and escalating.

A couple of days ago, Craigslist led  a team of home invaders right to their victims, in one case on this blog, just scroll down, you will find the case of  a father, Jim Sanders, killed  in front of his wife and two sons.One of whom was pistol shipped. the 911 calls of mother and son are available on the web now. As are the mug shots of the perps.

Here's a link to the most recent update on the case.
 Update On Local Craigslist Killer Hunt

And the beat goes on. What was intended to be an oasis of possibility has turned into a mecca for maniacs.
Crminals Love Craigslist - click here

Now it appears the subpoenas have officially arrived.
Craigslist Subpoenaed In Online Prostitution Investigation - click here

Hopefully all these links will work as I head out now on my rounds...

To those in Washington State, especially the Kent Auburn area, look hard at the mugshots, the female susect described as beautiful; the tattoo on one of the guys. There are four people, three guys, one gal.
Last pings on one victim's discarded stolen cell oringated at 277th in Hwy 167. Sim card was also found discarded.

My hunch is the police will have these guys by weeks end.

Meantime, a whole new crop of Craigslist creeps will  bloom.
So please... be ever vigilant.
Call 911 if you see anyone or anything suspicious.

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