Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Spy Mom"

This story isn't about me.
It's about another mom who who became a PI.... one of more and more moms joining the ranks every year of licensed P.I.'s everywhere. The article from PI Newswire will follow this brief intro.

When I first started my career as a P.I. many moons ago, I was one of few women in the field then.
The women tended to be more new school, thinking of themselves as "Legal Investigators".
The men were old school, ex cops, feds, tough guys, a few rare women, thinking of themselves as "Private Detectives".

Two separate investigation organizations now exist in WA state: WALI (Washington Association of Legal Investigators) and PNAI (Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators).

I feel particularly compelled to state here, that due the recent passing of our beloved Investigator Gene Robertson, former federal agent, surveillance expert, mentor and friend to many, myself included....
I think the time has arrived for the two investigative organizations in Washington, to unite and become one.
Gene spoke at both organizations and guest-lectured my class on surveillance at University of Washington up until he passed, tragically and unexpectedly, this year.

Gene told me and anyone who would listen how it is time to merge the two investigative organizations in our state into one.
I couldn't agree with him more and believe that's the best legacy we could leave him.
One united investigative front of licensed P.I.'s in Washington state.
Whether it will happen, remains to be seen.,

Meantime, more and more people are becoming P.I.'s.
It takes time, it takes great training, it takes a license and it takes not quitting your day job in order to move to this new career.
Not everyone succeeds.
Because being able to snoop is such a small part of a much bigger equation.
You have to know what is legal, what is not...
what laws your state has regarding investigations and what you are legally allowed to do as a P.I.
You need to understand licensing and insurance requirements.
You need to learn how to access data and how not to access other data the Feds do not permit you to have.
You need to develop customer service skills...
be willing to work with attorneys, victims, witnesses, defendants,  the potentially insane and talk yourself of some surly situations.
Most of all, you need to think fast and move faster, all within the confines of state and federal privacy and disclosure laws which are ever-changing.

All that said, I pulled this article off PI Newswire, one of my favorite blogs/Facebook pages.

This is one of the most popular of the PI Newswire posts and I hope it inspires someone to think outside the box and possibly pursue their passion. 
Follow this link!
Spy Mom: From Soccer Mom to Private Investigator

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