Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hero Of the Day

There are a heroes all around us.
They can be men or women.
They can be very old and very young.
Some of are easily identifiable because they wear uniforms.
Others, not so.
They're average, ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

I apologize in advance if the story I am about to link you to is one you have read before.
I just stumbled upon it on my way back from the pity pot.

I was at the pity pot not for myself, but for some others, who were recent clients.
Their cases are now closed.
They were given what I believe is compelling and convincing evidence about the people they choose to associate with.
And they are choosing to ignore said evidence.

They are, instead, so afraid of being alone..they've opened up their  homes, back account, assets, lives to predators disguised as friends, handymen, caretakers,confidantes, companions, lovers, whatever.
I tell them, "you're dancing in a minefield."
One snaps back, "Well at least I'm dancing."
Ticks me off.

I can see the crimes coming before they happen.
I've tried talking. Arguing. Convincing.
I've handed over reams of paperwork, piles of documentation, photos.
Nonetheless, the weaker the mind,  the bigger the sea of denial it floats in.
I walk away from such encounters frustrated at first.
Then anger sets in for a spell.
Soon the anger dissipates to pity.
Eventually, I forget and move onto the next case.

Every now and then, a P.I. has days like this...
where you do your job well  and do nothing to convince your client to step off the tracks because a freight train is coming.

That's why, when coming upon the story I am linking you to, it reaffirmed my belief that the human instinct for survival does extend beyond ourselves.
What so many do for others, day in and day out, is extraordinary in terms of sacrifice.
And once again, a hero has restored my faith in humanity.

There are many strong, healthy, wonderful  people out there who do the right things, make the right decisions. instinctively, instantaneously.
These heroes are average people you may never notice until the universe beckons.
Andrew Leitch is one such man.
Go To: To Heroic Dad

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