Wednesday, May 5, 2010


To those  readers who live in Washington state, chances are this blog post will be old news.
However, many of my Facebook friends and blog readers are from states and countries other than my own.
And many of them use Craigslist.

So for those folks, I wanted to provide an update on this case before I head out on my investigative rounds. Today this private investigator has many miles to cover on the concrete seas called freeways.

It was a traffic stop on one such freeway  far south of here that got the three Carigslists suspects into California police custody. One... the female.... bailed out of jail, hit the streets and much later turned herself in.

So three of four of the alleged Craigslist home invader/killers are off the streets.
The big focus right now is getting the fourth male suspect in custody.
I suspect, if police don't have him as of this posting, they will tonight when I return home.

 One of the first things I do when I hear of cases like this is run through the database in my head to see if any of the suspects could be people I have encountered in my years at this business. It has happened before.

I do all kinds of work. My favorite kind is helping injured people.
The more injured they are, the less likely they can come to an attorney's office,
Instead, an attorney sends me to their family home, their hospital, their nursing homes.
Sometimes, family members take me to the scene where they died, often marked by a roadside cross, flowers, balloons, cars, poems, prayers.

Today, I have mixed feelings as I post this before heading out on my rounds.
I'm happy they found two of the bad Craigslist boys and the one girl, who by the way, is a very bad girl indeed.

I am profoundly unhappy however, for Jim Sanders and his family who have yet to fully absorb Jim's murder and loss.
Beyond that, the family has to live with memories  I'm not sure I could live with myself.

A mother with a gun held to the back of her head.
A son pistol-whipped in front of his father.
A father so strong, so angry, so defiant....he ripped through the plastic zip ties these criminals used to restrain his wrists.
That is a hard, painful thing to do.
That is a primal, protective, courageous, adrenalin and testosterone fueled response.
He was shot fighting to save his family's life.

In this investigator's opinion, Jim Sanders was  a working class man who is now  a world class hero.
 I wondered as I drifted off to sleep last night, how Jim Sander's family will ever again feel safe again.

Here's a link to the most recent update.
CraigsList Home Invaders/Killers Update. Go here.

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