Thursday, May 27, 2010

Divorce Italian Style

The article I am going to connect you to at the end of this post goes into the "Are you kidding me?" file.
Only I kid you not.
Divorces, which have never been considered fair,  have now become a fair.
The  first  "Divorce Fair" was just held in Italy... a country where, many moons ago, I spent a lot of time working.

I loved Italy.
I loved sitting outside in ancient, tiny, walled village cafes at night, sipping wine, watching the townspeople strut in their finest clothes  down the circular road through town, mingling, chattering.
I loved the monasteries, the art, the antiquities.

One monk showed me what was allegedly the last stone bed St Francis of Assisi ever slept on in a remote, hilltop monastery. As I ran my hand across the cold hard stone, I asked if I could lay on it. He smiled, and whispered yes, though women aren't supposed to.

As a laid there, the only sound was a trickle of water that rain down a cold stone walls. "Those are his tears," The Monk said.

I loved the history of Italy so much, I didn't even mind the rats that ran along the waterfront in Florence.
It was all so Machiavellian.
And no wonder... Florence was where Machiavelli was buried.
To Machiavelli's Grave

I have so many fond memories of Italy.
I have gathered glass candies from artisans on bridges in Venice, the same city of water where I purchased several  traditional masks.
I spent time with the the warmest of people, dined with strangers who instantly became friends, drank red wine with monks and grappa with a hermit.
I saw the original Last Supper and the real Michelangelo's real  David.
Michaelangelo's David
I saw history like we don't have here in the states, we're  a country so young and aggressive.... among so many so old and tenacious.

Of course, Italy is also known for its innovation. In industry and fashion.
Think Italy... think style, design.
Think Sophia Loren.
Sophia Loren Archives
Or, Amanda Knox if you're from Seattle.
Amanda Knox Conviction
But who woulda' thunk the Italians would come up with the world's first Divorce Fair?

Word in the media wind is true Italian young men in their 20'3 and 30's, specifically the traditional ones with some serious mother son-bonding/border issues, never really leave home.
Even when they marry.
Some still have mom make lunch, do their laundry and eat all meals with them.
Perhaps this strong attachment to mom contributes to what I had no clue was such a high Italian divorce rate. I'd say, "only in America"....except its not an American thing.
Go here: From NY Times: Italy's First Divorce Fair

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