Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mind Boggling Mystery - The Starving Yogi

This one's kind of hard to believe.

An 82-year-old Indian yogi, named Prahlad Jani, claims that for the past 70 years he has had nothing  to eat, not one single calorie and not one drop of liquid to drink.

Allegedly, this yogi has found a way to tap into the powers of the universe and survive on some substance... one story referred to as "energy... to stay alive for seven decades.

True, we communicate and function on levels we haven't even tapped into yet.
My big question is.... if it is for real, how does this guy do it?

I've searched the net to see if this is a scam and if so, where it originated.
Oddly it doesn't trigger the huge amounts of  scam hits I would expect from such a story.
Still there's a mountain of both skeptics and believers out there.

Viscerally and intellectually, it makes no sense,
My gut screams scam. My gut has been wrong before.

The skeptic in me witnessed ill people who were pulled off life support and were withdrawn food and water before death. It was only a matter of time.... days, a week. Of course, illness factored into the equations and decisions.

I don't known anyone who'd willingly choose this path except anorexics.

So what's up with  this yogi? Seven decades without food or water?

Sure it could be a scam, a prefabricated media story.

But if its true... wow. And how?
What would  it say about the power off our mind... the potential of our bodies... and the ability to harness energy from outside ourselves and pull it within?

Is it a scam or real?
You decide.
Here's the main story.
Click Here: To The Case Of The Starving Yogi - Ten decades... no food or water?

It is  fascinating subject.
And the subject hits just a little close to home.

A couple of weeks ago I met another investigator  before a class I teach at night. He was guest lecturer.
I said ,"You want to meet for dinner beforehand? Or coffee?"

He said, " Coffee. I don't eat dinner. Truth is I hate to eat."

"All your life?" I asked.

"All my life," he said.

Trust me, I  interrogated him. And I know I'm not the first.

He's lean, mean, tall, good looking and a fully-armed, licensed private detective, agency owner, body guard, tough guy, former government investigator,  who has been shot and stabbed multiple times.
Married, has kids, grand-kids.
Still works full time.
And unlike the starving yogi, my friend said the one food he will willingly eat is pizza.
And he will drink coffee, but that's it.
The staving yogi doesn't, allegedly, eat squat.

If you are anything like me, in exploring a case like this, you go to extremes.

So in this link, which is a sort of in that  gray space between extremes,  the scientists make a strong case for the starving yogi cynics here. I found the believers in the message thread that follows the article intriguing.
Go TOo Here: Science Responds To Starving Yogi

The most cynical of all responses to the starving yogi is running on message threads all over the web and world.
Most in response to the two-week surveillance.
Here's one from
Who says skeptics have no sense of humor? Some of the comments are a hoot.
The Skeptics Respond to Yogi Surveillance

Writing this blog has made me hungry and thirsty before I hit the road for the day.
A good starving yogi I would not make.

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  1. I wouldn't make a good starving yogi either lol :P